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Elsabe started the "Ask Elsabe" section to provide easy access for the global community to ask the questions relating to certain aspects of life that are bothering them and to have the opportunity to read and evaluate my reply.

These questions are however limited to general issues such as how do you deal with certain specific life and work situations or problems.

As you are a valuable member of our global community, you are invited to ask your questions and to get insightful tips on how to rebound back after set-backs and move forward in a positive way.

Take note that not all questions may be answered by Elsabe, but do visit the site often to see if your question was answered, to see what others are asking and read Elsabe's answers to their questions which may assist you as well. In addition you are invited to read her articles and blog posts which are full of insights that Elsabe has to share with all of you from time to time.

Please note that questions that will be considered for publication and the answers thereto will be posted publicly on this website so please do not include any information that you would not like to share on a public website.

If you would like a more confidential process you are invited to request any of the free sessions with Elsabe which you will find on other pages on this site.

Elsabe will take care to ensure that posted questions will not contain any personal identifying information. If the question is deemed too personal or inappropriate, it will not be posted.

Elsabe reserves the right to edit, shorten, or delete any questions submitted.

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