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Sunday, 19 April 2015 10:29

Should I Stay Or Go?

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My relationship has been going nowhere for the past few months.  

My partner and I have been going through rough times for various reasons, but we are not really talking to each other. 

Should I stay or go?


Where a relationship seems to stagnate, there can be various reasons. In this instance both you and your partner have been going through an intense personal transformation that resulted in you both questioning everything about yourselves, including your relationship.

During this transformation phase, communication between you petered out, because you were each in your own bubble, and you each wanted to first deal with the issues at hand before you discuss anything with your partners.

Neither of you wanted to appear weak, and both of you were waiting for the moment of appearing strong before you would have any intimate conversation again.  In any love relationship intimate conversation is required on a regular basis.  Where the relationship is strong, both partners are willing to appear ‘naked’ in all senses, including an emotional honesty.

In this instance, the relationship was strong before you each embarked on your personal journeys, and it will be strong in future again.

At the moment there is an emotional vacuum between you that will be bridged when you have completed your personal journeys.   As a result of this vacuum neither of you are willing to share your emotions.

However, both of you also understand that the relationship has not come to an end yet.  You will reach a critical point where you will have to resolve some conflict and that will get you talking again.  You will have much to say to each other, and you both will be able to explain your personal journeys.

This discussion will herald the beginning of a new phase in your relationship where there will be a higher level of intimacy and understanding.

When a relationship reaches this point of apparent stagnation, a psychic reading will help to confirm to you both what you already know intuitively about the relationship.  The information you get will take away some of the anxiety that you both feel at the moment, and help you clear up the confusion and lack of communication sooner rather than later.

Unlike your relationship, there are other situations where a relationship comes to a natural end and on the surface it stagnates because neither of the partners is willing to move forward and acknowledge the end of the relationship.  They may continue as if everything is well until they meet someone else, and then they have to deal with the excitement of a new relationship and the pain of finally letting go of the old relationship.

Sometimes fear of the unknown makes a stagnant relationship look like the more viable option, until the pain of staying in the relationship becomes more than the pain of moving on and leaving the relationship behind.  At this point a psychic reading can give both partners the clarity they require to make decisions about their future.

 You, however, should consider staying and riding the current wave out, because there are many years left in your relationship.

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