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Sexual Abuse

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Do you think that sexuality is a source of abuse in our society?



Yes, I do think sexuality is a source of abuse on many levels in society.

For example prostitution is a massive source of abuse for both males and females.  There are people who consciously choose a lifestyle of prostitution, knowing the consequences.  That is a personal choice and the issue is not whether I like it but whether I respect their choices.  However, where prostitution is not a choice of the individual but a means of abuse, it is wrong in my view.

Of course there is the age-old discrimination against gay people and all those psychological attempts to ‘get them right’.  My belief is that we are all spiritual beings, and we choose before we are born how we want to express our physical bodies in this life.  We all have a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect.  We all have all sorts of relationships because those relationships are part of our spiritual path and our growth in this life.

I happened to choose a heterosexual lifestyle in this life.  This does not make me morally right or superior in any way.  It just makes me heterosexual, as opposed to my gay friends who made different choices before they were born, and who have to deal with similar or different issues during their life.

There is also the practice of ‘swinging’ where people consciously choose to have multiple sexual partners on a regular basis.  My belief is that when you have sex with someone, you exchange a part of your soul with that person.  I personally would not want to exchange part of my soul indiscriminately, and I would not want to have a partner with the opposite beliefs.

In my experience, when a relationship (with yourself or with another person) is wrong, sexuality becomes 95% of the problem.  On the other hand, when the relationship is right, sexuality becomes 5% of the relationship.

Sexuality is a means of expressing who we are.  We are not our bodies.

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