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My Head Is Going to Explode

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My father passed away just over a year ago and I am struggling to accept this.  My sister and I had to place our mother in care because of my mother’s medical problems. 

I live on my own and have many lovely and caring friends, but even so I often find myself feeling lonely and tearful.


I have problems sleeping and often lie awake thinking very dark and scary thoughts.


Sports have always helped me to cope, but I am struggling with recent injuries that are taking long to heal.


I have also lost my job on two occasions and because things are so quiet at work at the moment, I am worried that it will happen again.









I feel that you have a mild state of depression - and I am not going to tell you to get any sort of medication to suppress it.  If you do want to do that, it is your choice.

Instead, I will give you the best definition of depression that I ever heard:  depression is anger without passion.  And that is even reflected in your physical body where you have come to a standstill because of your injuries.


So how do you deal with this?  I want to recommend to you something that I know works - from my own experience and also from feedback from too many people to count.  It is a cheap but potent way to write a journal.


I feel that you may benefit from talking to a professional person, but I also feel that you would not want to bare your soul to anyone.  That is why this method will work so well for you.  It does take some discipline, but you can do it, and you will feel that veil start to lift within a week.


I have also written some articles about my own experiences of losing my job.  Please search for those articles on my website, and it may help you see the opportunities.


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