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Why Are These People so Hateful?

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I had two friends who have now blocked me on social media and they don’t answer the phone when I call.


One of them is a man whom I have always regarded as a brother to me.   He asked me a while ago to add his girlfriend, and I did.  I thought she is a lovely girl and gave them both support and respect. 


When her friend became abusive and hit her, I reported it and she was so grateful to me.  I sent her poems and stuff to cheer her up.


Now she and her boyfriend have both blocked me for no reason, and I don’t understand.




It sounds like you were used by these people because you made them feel good about themselves.

Now they no longer need you and they don't know how to tell you that.

I would say thank them for having accepted the gift of your friendship, because you are a good friend and it is their loss.

Then move on and accept the other lovely people who want to be friends with you.

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