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How Do I Connect To My Divine Self?

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I understand that the Universe forms a whole, and that we are part of that whole.  I also understand that we are the whole Universe.



I also believe that it is important for us to leave the lower energy levels behind and open up to our Divine self, so that we can become whole and move from thinking about the Universe to acting like the Universe.


My question is:  how do I leave these lower energy levels behind and become my divine self?





I understand that you have a picture of your Divine self, and you want to become that picture, but life seems to interfere with your journey.

I can assure you that your journey is perfect, and what you have done so far is also perfect. However, you are clearly ready for the next step.


Let me give you a slightly different view on the situation.  You incarnated because you have specific internal divisions that call for unity.  These divisions come in a number of different shapes and formats.  Every time you become aware of such a division and you see yourself as the Divine, another one of these divisions gets healed.  You experience that healing in the format of gratitude for the healing, which is immediately followed by some emotion, often irritation, when you become aware of a ‘new’ division.  This is never a ‘new’ division - it is simply another division that has come into your consciousness, and that is now ready to become unity.


So you are in fact not correcting your Divine self, you are becoming another aspect of your Divine self when you experience emotions that relate to that Divine self.  This is an iterative process, which means it starts again at a higher level once it has completed, and repeats itself all the time.


How can you move from thinking on the Universal whole to acting as a whole?  By being aware of every step of the process that you are following intuitively.  Keep thinking about the Universal whole, because every thought brings you closer to it.  Every moment of awareness of not being there yet also brings you closer to it, because every time you become aware of not being whole again, you start another spiral.


Let me explain how a spiral works.  When you are at the bottom of the spiral, you are acutely aware of the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be.  This causes you some emotion, and the emotion gets stronger as the frustration and the awareness of the discrepancy grows.  Then you reach a point where you are acutely aware of the Divine, and all you can feel is gratitude.  Then there is a short period of levelling off and inner peace, and then the next spiral commences.  This process is called life.  Every time you complete a spiral, your body vibration increases.   This increase is permanent, because when it happens, a quantum of Light is formed and this cannot be undone.

You are blessed with an awareness that not many people have.  You need to keep that awareness, and now you can add to that the awareness that you are mastering the next step, namely not just doing what you are doing already, but also understanding what you are doing and why.


Blessings to you.


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