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How Do I Become a Spiritual Teacher?

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I have read and learned so much on my spiritual journey and it really has changed me for the better. My problem is that I can now see how other people struggle and I want to help them get out of their comfort zone and have the same breakthroughs I had.

At the moment all I can do is share my intellectual knowledge with people but that seems to confuse more than to helps them.  As a result, people move away from me when I only want to help them. 

How do I become a real teacher without putting people off?




You are already teaching, but because you do not believe that you are teaching, you seem to be going out of your way to prove your point.

You don't want people to become confused as a result of your teaching.  If you take a step back you will notice that when people come to you for teaching, they are already out of their comfort zone and beyond their awareness.  They come to you because they sense that you have some of the answers that they are looking for.

Your role is not to confuse them even more.  Your role is to meet them where they are, and then to take them by the hand and help them take as many steps forward as they are able and willing to give.

You yourself are in the process of moving from being a student to being a master.  A student wants to impress people with all his newly-gained wisdom.  A master wants to impart his wisdom only to those who are ready for the journey, and will use his wisdom to hold back rather than overwhelm. Imagine pulling away in third gear, but then realizing that the car performs much better when you pull away in first gear.

This is where you use your intuition to gauge the level of your audience, and then give them as much as they require, rather than as much as you can give.  That is what a master does.

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