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Spiritual Awakening And Strange Dreams

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I am 34 years old.  About two months ago my life changed drastically.  I went to see a chiropractor for a number of issues, including menstrual problems, knee, back and neck pain, and acid reflux.  I have been to other chiropractors and knew what to expect.  However, I got more than I bargained for.

My acid reflux is gone.  My knee and back feel a lot better.  I am much less stressed and feel a lot more relaxed. 

The biggest change is in my spiritual life.  in the past I was interested in spiritual stuff and I read many books.  I got to a point where I thought I had all the knowledge, and I felt no significant difference in my life.  I kind of closed off that side of me and just got on with life.

A few weeks ago I started meditating – I never thought I would even try it, but I am really enjoying it and I can feel a change in me.  I have also noticed specific numbers coming up around me all the time.

Against that background I want to tell you about two very strange dreams I had recently. 

The first was when I woke up at 3am and felt wide awake.   I decided to do a guided meditation on my earphones so that I could get back to sleep.  That is where things got really strange.  I am sure I was awake, but at the same time I was not awake – it is difficult to explain.  I know I was lying in my bed, and the words ‘I am ready’ came into my mind.  Then suddenly I had a VERY intense feeling throughout my entire body – as if I was vibrating or being electrocuted.  It felt incredibly good, and I felt blissful and light.  My eyes were closed and I was unable to open them. 

I remember a high pitch noise in my one ear, and my hands were shaking so much that I could not keep them on the bed. 

I remember thinking that I was probably receiving some kind of energy. 

I then woke up and felt incredibly good.  I went straight back to sleep and slept for a few hours without any dreams, and woke up feeling refreshed and amazingly good.

The second dream, a few nights later, was much less pleasant.  I dreamt of being on a rollercoaster and being very scared.  I heard an evil laugh and was so afraid that I was completely paralyzed. 

I could see myself lying in bed next to my husband, who was fast asleep.  In my dream I was trying to wake him up, but I could not get even a word out.  I finally started crying and that woke my husband (in my dream) and all he said was that I must get back to sleep.   I finally woke up and wrote the dream down, and then went back to sleep again.

Am I right in connecting these weird dreams with the treatment from the chiropractor?


I smiled when I read this - in recognition because I know exactly what you are talking about.

Yes, it all fits together.  I will give you some explanation but it is not always easy to put this stuff into words.

The chiropractor who does the healing with you is helping you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  He has helped you to re-align the flow of energy in and around your body.  As a result your third eye - your connection with the other dimension - has opened up.

The first ‘dream’ was about receiving a strong bout of energy and being attuned to a higher vibration.  It happens when you are in a state between sleep and dream, and it is quite a strong experience. You can expect these to happen again in future, and you will recognize it when it happens.  I have had similar experiences - and they happen years apart - and I actually saw the presence of another being the last time it happened to me.  It feels like a jolt from a very strong electrical stream going through your body.  It does paralyze you for some time - it could be minutes or seconds - and then your body settles down to the higher vibration.  This higher vibration is permanent and cannot be reversed.

You are probably also experiencing other new things since this has happened to you, for example a door closes near you and you feel the vibration through your body as if you are transparent.

And yes, you are on a roller coaster - of opening up to the new energy and accepting it.  You will discover that your intuitive ability is much stronger than you have ever been aware of.

You will experience thoughts about people and know that the thoughts are not yours.

This should not be a scary experience.  However, you are experiencing some things as scary because you are still getting used to the attunement that has happened.  When you next meditate, ask for the vibrations that come your way to be more pleasant and peaceful, and to slow down so that you can take your time adjusting to it.

It would also be useful to keep a notebook next to your bed.  When you wake up in the night with strong thoughts that you know are not yours, write them down and go back to sleep. When you wake up in the morning you will be able to understand a lot more, and your sleep will be much more peaceful.

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