Debbie Miller, Reading, UK

Recently I have had Elsabe's wisdom and experience on ending a relationship. I must admit I have never ended a relationship without feeling guilt, remorse or a sense of devastation, but this time Elsabe helped me to see that the relationship had come to its natural end and I was able to let go and move on with love in my heart for my ex partner and no feeling of having to make amends or justify my actions.

My ex partner has let me go too. WE came to a mutual understanding that we had some wonderful times together and that we had both seen positive changes happen in each other over the years we were together.

Elsabe has helped me accept that relationships don't last forever and once we they have served their purpose there is only pain if we chose to hang on to them 'past their sell by date'.

I feel remarkably different now like a weight has been lifted.

Thank you Elsabe for your valuable time wisdom and insight. Your message is one which I know others will be blessed to hear.

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