Petie, Somerset, UK

The ebook has been of tremendous help.

Together with our telephone conversation I have attained positive results quickly.

This not only applies to my relationship with Julia but also other aspects of my life and history.

I often have great difficulty in seeing the wood for the trees and you have provided a clear, concise 'manual' to many of the aspects I have been dealing with in my own spirituality and gift.

The chapter and exercise I found of immediate use was the listing of what I got from the relationship.

My initial reaction was to say 'not a lot, save some false promises' but on thinking I quickly realised that Julia had allowed me to be open to and give love again after many years of my heart being closed off due to a tragedy in the 80′s ( which is why subsequent relationships failed).

I was able to connect to that pure, unconditional love I have for her and send her love and healing in my midnight meditation and dis-own the negative things.

The ebooks are also a valuable aid in progressing along my spiritual path, a path that I am now back on.

It has been a journey, dark at times, but one I am seeing the light in, a journey that has brought me to your teachings.

I know I have a lot to learn, 'Ancora Imparo, I am still learning' as Michaelangelo wrote in his 90′s and so I hope I will.

I have only scratched the surface of what these ebooks can teach me and I would be privileged to have further readings with you at some stage.

Your clarity and, yes, bluntness is something I can relate to, it makes learning easy.

Warmest Blessings,

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