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Winning an Olympic Medal - Kind Of

Winning an Olympic Medal - Kind Of Winning an Olympic Medal - Kind Of Image courtesy of franky242/

'Your breast stroke is very good.  We will now work on speed.'

That is what my swimming instructor said to me.  So this is how it feels to win an Olympic medal.

I have to put this into perspective.  I have been going to swimming lessons for about seven years now.

I will never be a prize-winning swimmer.   It still takes about six weeks of practice and focus on coordination before an instruction moves from my ears down to my feet. And then it takes a few months of focus to get everything to more or less work together.

But see this against my background:  as a child I was discouraged from participating in sports because I am near-sighted.  My siblings excelled in sports.   My son was Victor Ludorum in junior and senior school and held - maybe still holds - a swimming record.  I, on the other hand, finally learnt to swim just before I became a grandmother.

OK, you got the picture. When this girl told me my worst and most uncomfortable stroke is 'very good' I wanted to jump out of the pool and hug her.  Something happened in that moment, and I loved it.

I can still only do about two lengths of breast stroke without rest, but who cares?  I can do a lot more on other strokes - and make space for faster swimmers and have a laugh with them.

I can look for a deep metaphysical lesson in this, or just share the moment with you - you will find your own lesson.


Elsabe Smit

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