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Did you guess right?

I have many regular clients in different countries who get psychic readings for their own or business issues.  Quite often I feel that I learn more from the readings than they do.

One of the lessons that I am often reminded of is that it is not a good idea to second guess Spirit.  Of course, my readings are not always 100% accurate, because I am human, and I need to listen carefully and ensure I convey what I am given.

I had a client who was not happy in her job.  People who get readings from me know that I do not ask many questions.  I first connect and give everything I receive, and then I answer any remaining questions.  I received an image of this client with a briefcase in one hand and a passport in the other hand, boarding a plane with a one-way ticket to her destination.  It was as clear as day to me that she was going to accept a job in a different country, and that she was going to move from one country to another.  It turned out that she was from Estonia and based in the UK, and ready to move to either Brazil or Peru - she had applied for jobs in both countries.  After I had described to her the image that was given to me and confirmed that she would be leaving the UK and the reason would be her acceptance of a job in a different country, I asked if she had any questions.  She had one: “Am I going to get a job in another country and move away from the UK?”. 

All I can say is that maybe she was not ready to hear what I had told her.

Another client in England had a problem with damp in a corner house he owned.  He had tried everything to get rid of the damp, and after two years was at the end of his tether.  I told him that there was a leaking water pipe on the sidewalk that ran parallel with the railway line.  He had two issues with this answer:  the damp was on the opposite side of the house, and there was no railway line near the property.  However, this client trusted and went away to investigate.  He called me about two weeks later, quite excited.  It turned out that there was a disused railway line that very few people knew about, around 200 yards from the house.  He started digging, not on the sidewalk, but just inside the boundary.  The water pipe he uncovered was Victorian and ran underneath the house to the other side of the house, where the damp was.  He then got permission to dig up the sidewalk and fixed the leak within days.  He told me a few months later that the issue had been completely resolved.  He trusted and so did I.

I have a client in Scotland who, after over a decade of regular readings, still struggle with anything he receives that is not precise.  My suspicion is that Spirit is by now teasing him and giving him precise information, but not on his timescale.  He has an issue with an ancient property and some jiggery-pokery happening with his neighbour, who is hellbent on abusing an ancient law to get the property for next to nothing.  In short, the current owner must prove access on an existing road for at least 20 years, or else the access road cannot be regarded as part of the property.  My client could only prove access for about 17 years, and the crooked neighbour wanted to use this fact to devalue the property - to ensure that anyone can only access the huge property on foot.  The neighbour even went as far as erecting a locked gate to prevent access, claiming that he had a right to do so.

About a year ago I told the client two things: Firstly, an important man will take up his case and that will result in publicity.  Secondly, my client will sell the property to a buyer who will save the day by telling my client about a little-known law that will swing the situation in his favour.

Of course Mr Impatient wanted to know the exact surname of the important man and the new buyer, and on which exact dates each one will come knocking at his door, and as much detail about each one as possible, so that he can be prepared and “not miss anything”.

And then nothing happened for months on end.  The important man was not the council employee in charge of the case, or the solicitor, or the Lord of the Manor.  So, who was it?  And when would this man appear?

The property was on the market, and no buyers came forward for months.  When will the buyers come knocking on the door?  What colour car do they drive?  Will there be one or two people?  What price will they offer?

Sorry - I could not tell - because it was not even revealed to me.  Patience is a virtue.

About nine months after this information was revealed to me (and my client) I had an extremely excited client on the line.  The “important man” was no less than the local Member of Parliament who got wind of the situation, called my client, and added the facts to his campaign for clean governance.

The buyer, who happened to discover in a social situation that the house was for sale, made an offer, and my client made a counteroffer for the buyer’s smaller house.  This suited both parties to a tee and the paperwork flowed. 

My client, being the honest man that he is, was upfront about the legal wrangle around the access road.

Oh, said the new buyer.  There is a little-known law in Scotland which states that if anyone maintains the verge of an access road that borders on his neighbour’s property, as well as the access road, for ten years, then ownership of BOTH verges and the access road defaults to the party who can prove maintenance for ten years. 

You cannot imagine how happy this man was once he had confirmed the existence of the law and his claim of ownership.

The bottom line is:  we are not told everything, and what we hear is sometimes not what we want to hear.  I am not for a moment saying that every psychic is accurate every time - we are human, and we must listen carefully.  But patience is a virtue, and often a healthy dose of faith and common sense need to be added to any psychic reading.

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Thursday, 25 October 2018 17:57

Trusting That Silent Voice

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient.  When I do psychic readings for clients, I clearly hear, see or feel what I need to convey to clients.  This is not my imagination – that is a different topic altogether.  It is as real as I am writing here.

Or maybe it is not as real.  Or maybe it is more real than me writing here.  This elusiveness is exactly the reason why people often don’t trust that inner Voice. 

I like to explain that when I do psychic readings, I tune into your private space and tell you what I see, hear and feel while I do that.  I do this with confidence, because I have over the years learnt to fully trust the information I get in this manner.  I may not understand half of it at times, but then I remind myself that I am the messenger.  I rely on my clients to tell me when I am wrong, and I can say with confidence that this happens very seldom.  I have also had a few rare experiences where clients told me I was wrong, and then contacted me again to tell me that what I gave them was right.

I am writing this, not to blow my own horn, but to explain how easy it is to listen on behalf of other people, because I have learnt to trust that inner Voice when it comes to clients.

There is another side of the coin – me and my life.  And this applies to everyone, not only to people who work as psychics.

There are times when I struggle with something and I desperately want to hear that inner Voice guiding me – and it is not there.  I have observed that sometimes I need to wade through treacle before I get any clarity on a situation.  While this goes on, I cannot tell you how lonely I feel.  After all, I am supposed to be in touch with all these helpers and guides and ancestors all the time – and I am supposed to have full access to their wisdom at all times. 

So why does this inner Voice not work for me whenever I want to summon it?  Why is it that I have to sometimes go through hell and back before the Voice talks to me?  I am a good person, and I help people all the time by using my gift to help them navigate around obstacles in their lives.  Why is it that God sometimes forsake me and I have to find my way all by myself?

When we have these challenging experiences, we forget that we are here to have human experiences and gain wisdom from them.  We forget to observe ourselves and detach from the situation.  We allow all these emotions to take us on a roller-coaster bare-knuckle ride, and we – or at least I – desperately cry out to get this to STOP – because it is so painful.

I recently found myself in a situation where I felt my whole world came tumbling down around me.  I felt that everything I had planned and worked for had come to an abrupt, vicious and vindictive end, despite all the Love that I had poured into the situation for as long as I can recall.  I needed a way out – and I realised that retaliation and aggression was not the answer.  But what was the answer?  And where was that trusty inner Voice?  Why did I only experience a dead quiet? 

And when you are in such a situation, it is very easy to suddenly have a thought that gives you hope, only to realise that it is your own thought – not the Voice – and that it is about as useful as bursting a pimple by force. 

You cannot make that Voice talk to you.  You cannot imitate it. You cannot dictate to it.

All you can do is to keep focusing on Love, no matter how hard the situation is, and no matter how desperate and desolate you feel,

The Voice will come.

And the Voice did come for me.

At a point where I had accepted that my whole world had come tumbling down, when I least expected it, there was the Voice, telling me in one short sentence what would happen next.  I knew, as sure as I am writing here, that it was not my thought, and that it was the Voice guiding me.  I knew that from where I could see, the outcome was about as possible as a chocolate teapot.  But I knew it was the Voice, and that what it was telling me was pure truth.

And would you believe it, less than two hours later it was as if my world had been righted again by an invisible Hand that wanted to show me that my world was never broken – my perspective was broken.  The outcome that I simply did not believe was possible, was offered to me on a plate, and it was exactly what I was promised.

In one short moment my faith was restored – and I was reminded of how fickle we can be.  Nothing had changed except that I had managed a situation with lots of tears, but with none of the aggression that I could have used to be totally destructive.  I felt like the Voice was in the background all the time, observing and supporting me, watching to see how I would manage the challenge that life had thrown at me. 

I now know that I had passed some sort of test.  I also know that the Voice is there all the time – not just for my clients, but also for me.  I still have a pulse, and as long as that is the case, I will have these life experiences and I will be able to rely on the Voice to guide me when necessary, and to let me walk my own path in silence when necessary. 

All I need to do is trust. And that is the challenge with the Voice which is as solid as it is subtle.  I will continue to do my work and listen and learn.

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Saturday, 06 February 2016 15:19

How Can I Feel Loved? - Podcast

Be aware of who you are, and that will help you in your relationship with others.

Click on this link to listen to the podcast.

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Sunday, 20 December 2015 13:09

How Can I Feel Loved?




I have had a number of mental, physical and spiritual changes recently.  I am grateful that all of them have heightened my spiritual awareness, and especially my awareness of my spiritual help (the angels that guide me). 


I have many negative people in my life.  It feels like the more I grow spiritually, the more people tell me I am not good enough or not up to standard (meaning their standards).


I know in my heart I am a good person, and I feel that even more after meditation.  How can I love myself more, and how can I love the negative people around me without letting them drag me down?

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When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Here are avenues to explore.

Click on this link to listen to the podcast.

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Thursday, 02 January 2014 06:52

People Say I Am A Medium. What Do I Do Next?

I have been told by two different mediums and a spiritual healer that I am able to do what they do.  I have always felt that I am here for more than what I do now, and I want to do more.  I now have so many questions, but I am struggling to find the answers.  This is frustrating because I don't want my gift to go to waste because I am not doing the right things.

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 07:46

The Link between Time and Numbers

Here is a puzzle that has kept me awake for a few nights, and the answer is still eluding me.

The kabala (Jewish Mysticism) teaches that every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has three values.  For example, Aleph (A) is the first letter of the alphabet.  It also has a numerical value of 1, which reflects unity.  Aleph is also represented by the head of an ox, as a representation of purpose and the generative power of nature.

All the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have these triple meanings, and they capture the essence of our existence here.  These letters have many other meanings, but these three meanings (the alphabet, the numerical value and the symbolic representation) are the most significant ones.

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Friday, 13 September 2013 21:49

Standard Psychic Reading

Once Elsabe has your permission to enter your private space, she gives you a general psychic reading indicating where you are now, what your options are, and potential outcomes.  This is then followed up with more specific questions if you so wish.  Elsabe doesn't ask leading questions.  It is not for her to extract information from you so that she can tell you what she thinks you want to hear.  She listens to what Spirit communicates (with a voice or an image or a sensation in her body) and then communicates this message to you.

Elsabe does not use tarot cards or any other props.  With your permission, she "tunes in" to your private space, tells you what she sees/hears/feels and takes the conversation from there.  She does not pepper you with questions, but gives you the real deal.  She doesn't read or interpret cards or tea cups or anything else.  She simply provides what Spirit gives her.

What can Elsabe assist you with?

  • Relationship issues
  • Life challenges
  • Contact with deceased loved ones
  • Business issues (with an invoice for business consulting)
  • Family matters
  • Spiritual growth
  • Any other matters that Spirit wants to communicate to you

This is how it works:

  • You contact Elsabe on Skype (ElsabeSmitUK) or Messenger (https://web.facebook.com/AskElsabeSmit/) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m) and set up a date and time for your 30 minute reading.  
  • You make your payment in the currency related to your phone  number (£30 for the UK, R300 for South Africa or $30 for any other country)  If you are in South Africa, Elsabe will provide a bank account number to you on WhatsApp.  If you are in any other country, you can pay with Paypal (Elsabe will send a Paypal invoice to your email address) or Moneygram or Western Union.
  • Once Elsabe has received your payment, you use the communications medium of your choice (WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger or Zoom, all of them from anywhere in the world, with audio or video - your choice) and Elsabe gives you the reading.

REMEMBER:  Your readings are only as accurate as they are at the time.  We are creators, and we create our future all the time.  There is destiny, and then there is free will.  And no, it might not be your destiny to win the lottery, even if you buy a ticket.


Here are some results with clients:

  • A property owner in the UK could not find the cause of dampness in his house, despite digging up the nearest water pipes.  Elsabe, who has never been to the area, explained where the cause of the leakage was - about 40 feet away from where everyone was searching, and parallel to a nearby railway line that the client was not even aware of.  The problem was fixed.
  • A client mislaid their passport and was on the way to the airport.  Elsabe described where they needed to search, and they argued, because they had already searched in that part of the house.  The passport had fallen inside a shopping bag where they did not search, and they left for a lovely holiday.
  • A client in South Africa was driving while speaking to Elsabe about his divorce proceedings.  She told him to pull off and get help with the front axle of his car.  He did so immediately, and discovered that the front axle was on the verge of breaking due to damage that he thought had been repaired.  If he had stayed on the highway, there would have been a nasty accident.
  • A client in New Zealand had business documents to sign, and contacted Elsabe at the last minute.  She warned him about a troublesome paragraph, and he did not sign.  That saved him lots of money.
  • A client in a US prison called Elsabe a few days before his execution.  She was able to give him peace of mind, and assure him that he would be welcomed by his loving grandmother on the other side.
  • A client in Portugal was struggling to get a bill paid.  Elsabe told them to be patient, because there was a pending merger which would result in not only getting the bill paid, but also a lot more work.  The merger only became public knowledge a week later.  The bill was paid, and they are now getting more work from the client.
  • A client was concerned about getting paranoid, because she was convinced that an employee was stealing from her, but the proof was elusive.  Elsabe told her where to look and what to look for, and the theft was confirmed.

Is Elsabe also a medium?  Occasionally, during psychic readings, people who have passed over check in and add their contribution - but only if it is necessary and they are not too busy with their lives on the other side.  Elsabe does not prove life after death, because that is a given - like the sun coming up in the morning.  Passed loved ones will connect with Elsabe during a reading if they feel it is necessary.

What issue are you struggling with?  No matter where you are in the world, Elsabe can help and give you clarity, so that you can act.


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