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Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

If a doctor tells you to drink medication, would you do it?  If the same medication could potentially leave serious damage or even kill you, would you still drink it?

I have to make one thing clear:  I am not a medical doctor, and if you do believe and trust a medical doctor, don’t listen to me.  Your body is yours, and your medication is yours.

I have read enough about chemotherapy to know that I will never go that route, because my logical mind says that if someone injects your body with poison, it cannot possibly heal you.

I have never had a mammogram, because deliberately injuring your breasts to prove that they can withstand the injury makes no sense to me.

I have not had a flu injection in over 30 years, because the last time I had one, I was really ill with flu for about 3 months.  I then read up on what the flu injections contain, and I am very happy to stock up on vitamins with fresh vegetables and fruit – and no flu.

I recently had the experience of observing the effects of a concoction of mind-altering drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist.  And of course he is right, because he has the title of doctor – even though it took him a week to discover that the prescription was taken in the wrong sequence and left his vulnerable patient literally staggering around from side effects.

This psychiatrist recommended that his patient does not take any homeopathic medicine, because “the chemicals in homeopathic medicine will clash” with his own chemical cocktail.  Unbelievable.  Beyond understanding, and he gets away with it because he carries the title of Doctor, and in a very unhealthy paradigm he is the cock of the heap – and therefore used to dictating and being believed. 

In case this psychiatrist reads my blog, I will explain this slowly – and I am not even a homeopath, but I can read and understand.  In homeopathy various methods of dilution are used.  The basis of all of them are the following:  take the original substance, e.g. arsenic.  Add 99 parts of water for every part of arsenic.  Then take 1 part of the mixture, and add 99 parts of water.  Repeat this process 30 times.  The result is a substance that was so diluted that just about only the memory of the original substance remains.  That is the “chemical” which is a threat to a cocktail of drugs with side effects.  Note to the psychiatrist: Sweetness, do yourself a favour and check your facts next time ...

So in this instance homeopathy lost to drugs – for now.

Was there any other alternative?  In this situation the extreme measure was to rely on the chemical cocktail – even though it was wrongly administered to the disadvantage of the patient.  The extreme measure brought relief, but at a price.

A psychologist was in on the deal – at a price, of course.

I was an industrial psychologist many years ago.  It left me disillusioned, because I struggled to fit people into exact boxes.  However, psychologists are still trained in specific, lucrative treatments, to the exclusion of common sense and healthy prevention.

A psychologist would be quite happy to wait for a chemical cocktail to kick in, and then use that means of control over a patient while finding the box with the best fit for the patient.  They would not even think about stepping back and asking questions about food which exacerbates the situation, or which can provide the correct chemical balance in a healthy way.  And again, the psychologist gets away with murder because he has the title of Doctor.

Where did we go wrong?  Diet? Lifestyle? Self-discipline?  The pace we live at?  There are so many things that we can do to build up our immune systems – and there is no one size fits all.

So what is the solution?

I can tell you what works for me.

You ever heard about “love your neighbour”?  My first neighbour is the body that I live in.  I am not my body.  I chose a body and I have the obligation to take care of it.  This requires a healthy diet – and I am not a saint, but I do a lot better than before I became aware.  I avoid sugar and carbohydrates.  This means reading a lot of food labels – and you will be shocked at the amount of food that contain sugar.  Did you know that when you eat carbohydrates, they turn into sugar?

I avoid diary – a treat every few months is OK, but that is what makes it a treat.  And if you do that, you discover quickly that what you thought would be a treat is in fact not the best idea.  Try it for yourself – you need to find what is right for your body.

I eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day – and I am grateful that I can do this.  I also eat much more fish and chicken than red meat.  Yes, I do eat red meat.  Vegetarianism is not a prerequisite to sainthood.  I will repeat: do what is right for your body, not for mine.  I will take care of my body but I cannot do the same for yours.  And by the way: if you are a vegetarian, do you talk to your plants?  Do you realise that when you eat a plant, you destroy life just as meat-eaters destroy life?  Let us respect each other’s choices rather than be sanctimonious.

I also get regular exercise.  I should climb more stairs, but I can out-swim many people who are much faster than I am in the pool, and I fit in around 40 lengths at least once every week.

And do not underestimate the power of meditation.  If you only take care of your body and you don’t bother with your spirit, you will very soon discover the meaning of “a healthy body goes with a healthy spirit”.  You have to make time to listen to that inner voice.  If you are too busy to medicate for 10 minutes a day, then it is imperative that you meditate 20 minutes a day.

And yes, all of the above works for me because of not only trial and error, but also nasty health experiences that I would rather not repeat.

And how did you guess? Of course, my first port of call is always homeopathy – for everything from painful joints to tearfulness.  Because of this choice, I hardly ever need medication.  I would also not for a moment hesitate to question a medical practitioner about the medication they prescribe.  If they could get a doctorate, they have the intelligence to look at healthy alternatives.

At what point do you start listening to your body?  If you for example know you are diabetic, when will you cut out the sugar and carbohydrates if that is what the doctor advises?  Will you do it over time – and bear the consequences because you are telling yourself that less poison is not really poison?  Will you do it the moment you turn blind – and then say “I should have done this long ago – and maybe I can now reverse my decision and undo the damage to my body”?

Despite all my good habits, I still eat maize products – knowing my body struggles with them, and knowing their effect is worse than chocolate – you know the one about “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”?  That is what maize products do for me.  I am working on it …

Now go and find your own way.  Listen to your body.

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How can homeopathic treatment make any difference to autism? How can parents of autistic children use homeopathy to deal with their own stress? Listen to Fran Sheffield, a homeopath who has treated a large number of children with autism.

Fran Sheffield is a homeopath with 20 years’ experience in clinical practice and homeopathic education. She has a background and qualifications in nursing, midwifery and health science education. Her particular interests include family and community homeopathy, treatment of autism spectrum disorders and the process and practice of homeopathic immunotherapy. She has been engaged at state and national levels in homeopathic curriculum design and delivery and is involved in mentoring both students and practitioners. Fran has presented at national and international conferences as a keynote and invited speaker. She now lives and teaches on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

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