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  1. Religious Bullies

    Phew! I had no idea that me being a woman can be so intimidating to men that a flight can be delayed.  Seriously.  If I wasn’t there, and if I was not the cause of a commotion, I would not have believed it myself.  And all I did was to occupy a randomly allocated seat on a plane.

    Anyone who know me, will know that I am curious about all sorts of religions, philosophies and faith systems, because I believe having an open mind is important, and there is always a gem in the beliefs of others that I can benefit from.

    I am still struggling to see the gem in this experience.

    I was on a late-night flight from Krakow to London.  The flight was delayed by over half an hour, and it obviously had been a long day for the flight crew.  To add to the stress, the flight was overbooked. 

    There was a group of about ten Hassidic Jewish men in the departure hall.  They kept to themselves, away from the other passengers.  Nothing wrong with

  2. Am I a Psychic or a Medium or an Empath?

    The answer is yes.  If you think that is a nonsensical answer, you are correct, because the question is nonsensical.

    We are all people.  We are all spirits having a human experience.  There are no superior spirits. 

    Of course, there are spirits that are further along their eternal journey, like Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. 

    There are other spirits who still have much to learn on their eternal journey, and I don’t need to remind you of those who provide very funny, sad and scary daily entertainment with their shenanigans on the world stage.

    What prompted me to write this article is one of far too many arguments in social media about “psychics” who dare to act as “mediums” and the other way round – and then of course those infernal “empaths” who are superior to everyone because of their emotional sensitivity – or is it lack of emotional maturity?

    Which box is the superior one?  Which box do you

  3. Do Swine Eat Pearls?

    Do swine eat pearls?  Of course, I am asking the metaphysical question.  If you want solid proof, please don’t feed your own pearls to real pigs.  Rather search the internet – if someone has ever tried it, Dr Google will have a record of it.

    Sometimes one must ask questions such as these, just to get some sanity and a reality check on a situation. 

    I have over the past year had to reassess quite a few close relationships in my life.  I will give you a brief outline, but you will have to believe me when I say that these events shook my world and made me reassess many things that I had taken for granted all my life.

    The first event related to an online friendship that turned real and then into a disappointment – I in fact became an online mistress, and then realised that I had been exactly that for at least five years while I was telling myself that I was simply nurturing a beautiful friendship.  The only way for me to put an end to

  4. A Tangled Web of Love - Audio

    A Tangled Web of Love - Audio

    What do you do when you are involved in a love triangle?  

    What if the situation continues even when one partner dies?  

    Sophie has been living a life of duplicity in a love triangle for decades, so that she could save her marriage.

    Now her grand-daughter, Karen, faces a different challenge and a love triangle in her marriage.

    Karen has a near-death experience which changes her life and her marriage.

    The only way to for everyone to make sense of their situations is to accept supernatural experiences.

    Love has different facets, and not all of them can be explained rationally.

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  5. A Blue Moon - Audio

    A Blue Moon - Audio

    A woman gets arrested for the murder of her friend based on flimsy evidence.

    Then the murdered woman returns and leaves solid evidence as well as hints with various people, 
    including a hard-nosed detective and his solicitor friend, who finally put their doubts aside.

    An international drug ring is broken up with the help of a naughty ghost, and the 
    lives of all involved are changed irrevocably.

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