How it Works

The Coaching Process

For Coaching to be effective we have to work as a dynamic and empowering team, taking into account that as far as I am concerned, nothing is too big or too small if it is important to you.

Step 1 – Sample session

Sign up for a free sample session. During this session you'll get first hand experience of what coaching can offer you.  We will discuss how coaching works and get a quick overview of your life challenges.   We will also assess whether we have a match of personalities and if coaching is for you.

Step 2 – Discovery session

Once we have decided to work together, we will start the program by identifying the following:

  • What is truly important to you
  • Your priorities and goals
  • The results or outcomes you are looking for
  • What opportunities and challenges you are facing
  • The logistics and practical details of our relationship

During this session, I will gain valuable insights into your needs.  This will enable me to structure a recommended course of action for both of us so that we can effectively work together.  It will assist us in creating the correct coaching foundation and ensure our time together is spent efficiently as we move forward.

Step 3 – Ongoing sessions

We will address issues one by one during these sessions, so that once the program is completed you are fully in charge of your new life path.


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