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So much has been said about psychic readings and psychics. But what is our role in your life? Our role is to assist you in overcoming a lot of obstacles in your personal, career and professional lives.

There are many psychics in the world and we don't all use the same skills or techiques. We make use of different methodologies to address your request for knowledge about your past, current and future situations. Myself, I am clairvoyant and I make use of my intutive skills. Meaning that as a clairvoyant I have a psychic gift which allows me to see the hidden, the remote, and the spiritual aspects of life.

You may be uncertain about the meaning of clairvoyance - well clairvoyance means "clear seeing."

Why should you choose to have a reading with me and not with someone else?

As a clairvoyant I do not use tarot cards. I know, that many people like to see cards and other tools during a reading, but the fact is that "the reading" is not written in the cards or dependent on any cards or any other tools to be fairly accurate.

The information that I access is available to me, to you and to anyone else that will go and look for it and Tarot cards or any other type of reading tools are simply just a means of accessing the information that you are looking for.

What can you expect from my psychic reading?

Although I have stated that I dot use cards, when I do a reading in person, I will offer you angel cards. However, I always do the entire reading first, without referring to the cards, and only once you have asked all your questions will we look at the cards for confirmation of the reading.

Do I expect you to send me a list of questions before I do the reading? No. My work is to deliver your message to you, and only to interpret it as far as the interpretation is given to me.

Once I have done the reading for you and there is still any one question that you feel I have not covered during your reading, you are welcome to send me the remaining question within one week of your reading, and I will ask for and convey the answer that I get back to you via e-mail.

I need your permission to do a reading.

When I do a reading , I always expect to have your permission.

I will never do a reading without a person's permission, because that will be a gross invasion of their privacy.

There are two ways (equally important) in which I get your permission to enter your very private space and tell you what is communicated to me - firstly you give me permission by providing your name to me, and secondly when you make a payment for the reading consultation.

Can you contact a person that has passed on?

Let me start by saying that if you have a strong need to contact someone that has passed on, you may be disappointed.

The reason is simple - when people pass on, they only stay in contact for as long as required, and then they continue with their lives on the other side. They do return and give information during my reading when they feel it is relevant.

But think for yourself - if you are busy with something really interesting and you are called out of the room every so often to attend to someone else's needs, you will only be happy to do so up to a point.

Keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that you will be able to contact your loved one.

The information that is provided during my reading come from your spirit guides and your guardian angels. They provide information about where you are now, and about the challenges that lie ahead of you. They do refer to the past where necessary, and they are assisted by people that have passed on where required. Their focus is on you and your life.

Do I offer a guarantee?

Not at all. Why not? Because you have already received the information that you were looking for, once I have done the reading for you, it cannot be undone, and I cannot get the time and effort back.

Keep in mind that the reading provides information about opportunities and challenges ahead of you, but your free will to choose what you want is never taken away from you.

Can I give you specific timeframes for events that I predict for you?

Not always. Time is a concept that we created to make sense of this world that we live in.

What is far more important is your own spiritual growth, and it is not so easy to attach a timeframe to that.

Why should you pay for a psychic reading?

People often ask why they should be expected to pay psychics or mediums for a reading?

The answer is simple. You can obtain the information I give you yourself by means of regular meditation.

If that is too slow for you or you do not trust what you get, then you ask me and I use my skill to help you. You pay for my skill.

I also only do a few readings per month. This ensures that I give you my full attention when it is your turn. Of course, it is possible that I am fully booked for that specific month. You will then get an email from me indicating that you should try again.

What are the fees for readings?

Standard readings are £30 and Premium readings are £50

The standard reading will take an overview of your life, while the premium readings looks at specific situations that you want clarification on.

What do you need to do to prepare for your reading?

  • Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading.
  • Be in a comfortable spot, quiet and undisturbed.
  • Ask others to please allow you privacy during your reading.
  • Please prepare a list of questions or topics that you would like me to focus on during your reading.

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