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Samyag Darshan

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Samyag Darshan is Sanskrit for "right view".  

Samyag Darshan is celebrated on the sixth day of Navapad Oli and is the root of all


Dharma or spirituality. Spirituality starts with the right view and perspective.  Without Samyag Darshan knowledge is still ignorance.

Samyag Darshan is represented by the colour white and has sixty-seven attributes as described in the celebrations for the previous days of Navapad Oli.

Jain followers worship Samyag Darshan Pada in Shukla Dwadashi, the sixth day of Navapad Oli.

They perform Ayambil by eating boiled rice only. Color of Samyag Darshan is white, hence the grain chosen for Ayambil is white i.e. rice. They also pray, worship and meditate for Samyag Darshan during the day.

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