Your dreams contain symbols that introduce you to a different dimension. 

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One of the main questions that the Church of England seems to be grappling with – or at least those questions that got the headlines – are around whether women and gay men are good enough in the eyes of God to become bishops.

I often wonder about religion, faith and tolerance.

This time my questions were triggered by an item about a postcard advert for a non-emergency phone number for the police.  The postcard featured

I have recently returned from a trip to South Africa, where I was born and spent my first forty-three years in this life.

A week before I went there, serious xenophobic attacks broke out and sadly, many people met a violent end.

I was asked by friends in the UK whether I thought it was wise to go there, and my answer was

When I was young, we were taught to respect people that were older than us, regardless of who they were.  I, in my youthful rebellion, disagreed.  For me it was far more important to respect people for what they have done and how they have proven themselves.

There is a tradition in my culture that where a person is more than ten years older than me, I am not allowed to call this person by his or her name, because that would be disrespectful.

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Because those things are neither bad nor good, and we are neither good nor bad.  Because we are here to grow.

When a person dies we go through a stage of grieving.  What is that grief, and what are we sad about?

Why is it that we get so involved in our own lives that we lose focus on the bigger picture?  Yes, we should be involved in our own lives, because they are our lives.

But at the same time we are actors on a stage called life.  We have the option of simply

I recently read a very interesting book, The Bookseller of Kabul, written by Åsne Seierstad.  The book provides a snapshot of an Afghan family and their daily lives.  From a Western point of view the patriarchal society and the oppression of both women and men is probably shocking, but for those people it is a way of life.

The book raised an interesting question for me.  The question does not only cover large issues such as

First choose to explore a different dimension, and then the knowledge and experiences will come to you.



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