Say What You Do And Do What You Say

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I enjoy knitting and am always looking for a good wool shop where the shop assistants know the difference between a cable needle and a bamboo  needle – and where I can find challenging knitting patterns.

I recently surfed the internet and discovered a small craft shop near the village where I live.  I drove there immediately, as excited as a child going to a toy shop before Christmas.  Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the opening times on the website were wrong, and the shop was closed for the day.

The next day I phoned the shop about seven times, because I wanted to confirm that they had the item I was looking for before driving all the  way there again.  No answer.  So I left a message on their website, saying that they should improve on these things.

I have since been back to the shop – their range of items is not the

 greatest, but they are conveniently nearby.

A few weeks ago I went to the same shop and ordered three items which they did not have in stock.  The owner assured me that they would order the items and phone me the next week to confirm delivery at their shop.  Guess what?  They did not call me as promised.  And I had to call about five times again before they actually answered the phone – still no sign of an answering service, which they can get for a few quid per month.

When I went to the store to finally collect the items, the shop owner was not very keen to serve me.  She told me that she had recognised my name on the order and I was the one who dared to leave a comment on their website.  She gave me the evil eye and told me that she had shown my comment to five people, and they all agreed with her that it was unfair of me to expect them to have accurate information on their website and answer their phone, especially since their shop was new.   She really gave me an earful – talk about a positive attitude!

I was astonished at this, but did manage to ask her whether she had done anything about the issues that I raised on their website.  I got the evil eye again.  I will probably get an answer when I go to the shop again – and you can guess when that will be.  And they no longer provide the facility for customers to add comments to their websites – I wonder why?

This reminded me of the universal law: 'say what you do and do what you say'.  There is a creative process that we use hundreds of times each day.

We receive a vibration from the quantum vacuum.  We turn that vibration into a thought, and then add our own filters to the thought.  Then we put the thought into action.  The less filters we add to the thought, the easier the energy flows, and the less time we spend unravelling the consequences of our actions.

For example, you receive a vibration from the quantum vacuum that wants you to add structure to a particular aspect of your life where you interact with other people – like regulating the times when you are available to customers.  Then you turn that vibration into a thought – like providing specific opening times for your shop.  The next step is to add a filter – maybe one that says 'yes, this is the ideal, but we would not really expect people to go shopping for wool on a Sunday morning, and people are normally not too bothered if we don't open the shop exactly on time every day, and anyway, who is the boss here?  I will do as I please, because I am now in charge of my own shop'.

Then you turn the adapted thought into action – where you advertise a set of opening hours, but you have no intention to keep those hours.  If you are then challenged about saying one thing and doing another thing, the person who challenges you is obviously wrong, because they added filters to their expectations that are different from your own filters.   This is not how you attract wealth.

When you say what you do and then do what you say, there is congruence in your actions.  People know what to expect of you and that gives them a good feeling.  Your own life also becomes easier, because it takes a lot of energy to maintain all those filters that you add to your original thoughts.

Does this mean we must always have pure thoughts that result in pure actions?  Hardly.  Part of the purpose of our existence here is to become aware of these filters one by one, and consciously decide to no longer apply the filters.

I would not expect that shop to master the science of getting rich.  When they do close down, the owners will place the responsibility for their failure on everything from the prime minister to their less than understanding neighbours.

The reality is that we all create our own actions and therefore we need to be aware of what happens in our heads all the time.  The prime minister does not know any of my thoughts, and therefore cannot be held responsible for my choice of knitting needle – thank goodness for that!

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