Earth Hour, Lent and Other Red Herrings

Earth Hour, Lent and Other Red Herrings Earth Hour, Lent and Other Red Herrings

Do you really need to put time aside to be a good person?



Followers of the Christian faith choose once a year to give up something that they like for forty days as proof of their faith. An even larger number of people decide to have an "earth hour" during which they focus on conserving energy by switching off lights. The members of the Baha'i faith have an annual nineteen-day fast.

What is wrong with this picture? The same as with every picture where people go to church on Sundays (or on the day your faith demands) and do everything different because it is a day to prove their faith.

There is a process where we become aware of what I will call a quantum vibration. We slowly form a thought. This thought turns into words, and then into action.

When does this happen? It happens all the time – even when you are asleep. It does not stop – not ever, not even when you die and leave your body behind. This is the nature of consciousness.

What does this have to do with faith?

Whatever the basis of your faith – whether you are part of any organised religion or not – this is the process that all of us follow all the time. We are not even aware of the process.

Does your faith change during lent or on a Sunday because you give up chocolate or wine for forty days or go to church every Sunday? Did your attitude towards conserving the earth and energy change because you switched off a few lights? Probably not.

We do not live our lives in boxes with different labels like Sunday/work/eating or whatever we want to call them. We first feel the quantum vibration, regardless of what it relates to. Then we put those vibrations into words or actions or both, and only then do we decide which box to put the words or actions into.

Deciding to have an "earth hour" makes no difference. Accepting that we have abundance, and that with abundance comes a 24-hour responsibility, makes a permanent difference. Accepting that you can have as much chocolate as you want any time of the year, and that with that abundance comes a permanent responsibility towards your body, makes a permanent difference.

How about not observing an hour or a week or even a month of austerity, but rather observing a lifetime of responsible abundance?

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