Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Destiny?

Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Destiny? Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Destiny? Image courtesy of papaija2008/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Can a psychic reading change your life?  If you buy an item that was blessed by a spiritually gifted person, will you get your wishes fulfilled?

I want to tell you about an experience I had years ago. I was going through a period of massive change.  I was discovering my psychic abilities and had no idea what to do with these abilities. It was not possible to discuss any of this with a friend or relative, because I knew they would be shocked and quite judgmental about me exploring the occult and other "sinful" things.  I was not in a relationship at the time.

Of course this was quite a lonely time for me, but also intellectually quite stimulating. I discovered a whole new range of

 books that explained various aspects of spirituality. I was like a child in a toy store – I did not know what to believe and what to discard. A new world had opened up to me, and it was wonderful.

During that phase I also ventured abroad for the first time – on a three-week holiday to the United States. I discovered Barnes and Noble, the bookstore – and there was no censorship! I could browse to my heart's content and I could buy books on 'forbidden' topics.  Getting those books back home and past customs was a worry for later.  One of the books I bought, on life after death was written by Sylvia Browne.  Sadly, I have subsequently discovered that there are many doubts about this lady's gift and her integrity, but that is not for me to judge.  Let's put that aside for the moment.  I had always known intuitively that there is more to eternal life than what the church told me, and I was curious to read about what happens after we die.

While I was in the United States, I consulted a psychic because I was very curious about what they do and how they work, and I wanted to compare my experience there with what I had discovered back in Johannesburg. Of course I was astonished at how much this woman knew about me.  At the time I was not aware that there are many so-called psychics who do cold readings - where a person with minimal psychic abilities and excellent observational skills state the bleeding obvious to an unsuspecting customer in exchange for money.

This psychic identified my loneliness and told me that she had special powers which she could use to find me that special person.  She would 'charge' special candles by the light of the full moon, which was two weeks away.  I then had to buy those candles from her and burn them when I got home.  I did not feel comfortable with this at all but did not know how to say no to her.  My angels ensured that I did not have enough money for these 'miracle' candles on me.  I cannot recall what she charged, but it was a large amount of money – probably in the region of $100 per candle, and according to her I needed two of these candles.  She was happy to get my fax number so that she could send me a reminder when I was back home again and had access to the money she wanted.

On my journey home, I quickly read the Sylvia Browne book – just in case someone wanted to confiscate it at customs.  What I remember most about the book was a paragraph where Sylvia Browne recalled some TV interview she did.  During this interview she had spelt it out that if anyone wants you to pay money for any object to change your destiny, you should run away as far and as fast as you can.  She explained that what changes your destiny is not any object with magic powers, but your thoughts and prayers and meditation.

I read that paragraph over and over again – it was as if someone was speaking directly to me from that page, and I heard every word quite clearly.

When I arrived home, there were about five or six faxes waiting for me from the American psychic – reminding me that I owed her a pot of money for her special candles, and warning me of the perils that awaited me if I did not follow her instructions for paying into her bank account even more money than she originally charged for her candles.

Of course nobody confiscated my Sylvia Browne book – a lesson on how fears only materialize when you let them.  As soon as I had a spare moment, I flicked through the book again to find that warning paragraph because it also clearly listed the reasons why paying for 'magic' objects would not change your destiny.

I could not find that paragraph or anything even remotely similar.

I read the entire book twice again from front to back, but that paragraph was not in the book.  I then asked someone else who showed interest in the topic to read the book and help me find that paragraph.  It was not there.

I have since had many similar experiences and learned a lot about living in two dimensions, and I am no longer surprised by such incidents.  I have discovered the difference between synchronicity and co-incidence.  I now understand that what I experienced when I first read that book was a moment of synchronicity.

Of course I have also learnt that every object emanates its own energy and that I can feel and read that energy.  But the lesson that I remember most of all is that my destiny is determined by a combination of the life script that was written before I was born, and my free will.

Oh – and if you have large amounts of money to spare, I knit very expensive beanies that will fulfil all your wishes and make your wildest dreams come true!  Send me your address, let me know what your favourite colour is, and I will send you my bank account details. But you have to hurry, because the end of the world is near!

(Seriously – that was a joke!)

The bottom line is that a psychic reading can change your life if you choose to act on it.  Objects ranging from crystals to all sorts of cards to talismans and spells can be a trigger for you to choose to take action, but the objects in themselves only have the power you give them in your mind.

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