Using Tarot for Successful Decisions

Welcome to the course Using Tarot for Successful Decisions.  I will teach you to use the tarot major arcana cards for quick and powerful guidance when you are in a tricky situation and need an answer now.  You will not need to divulge personal information or pay someone to help you decide.

My name is Elsabe Smit.  I’ve been practising as a psychic for clients all over the world for over twenty years.  I’m also the published author of ten Kindle and audio books on various aspects of spirituality on Amazon – and more to come.  I’ve studied tarot because I was curious about lots of information I received via psychic readings.  I wanted to confirm the information because I’m also a sceptic and wanted to find physical proof of what I was telling clients.

This course will explain to you how you can make better decisions by referring to tarot major arcana cards.  You will learn the difference between major and minor arcana tarot cards.  Each card you draw will have a clear message for you.  When you follow the message, you will discover what’s holding you back, and deal with any obstacles.  You will also find some new and different solutions to difficult problems that often take time to resolve, where the is no single right answer.

These are the skills you will have at the end of the course:

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    Many thanks for a wonderful, intriguing, fascinating and, at times, scary experience. Throughout our short…
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