New Church Day - Swedenborgian

On the 19th June Jesus called together his twelve disciples, instructed them in His teachings, and sent them out to teach.

This day in 1770 is regarded as the beginning of the New Christian Church.  

This date was first published in


1771, in the book True Christian Religion, by Emanuel Swedenborg.

The first church built as a New Church place of worship, in Birmingham, England, was opened on the 19th June 1791.   This was only noticed afterwards as a coincidence and was not a conscious decision. 

The day is celebrated with religious services, pageants, banquets, and picnics. 

There is even a New Church calendar system which uses 19th June 1770, as day 1 of year one.    This would make 19th June 2013 New Year's Day in year 243 on the New Church calendar.

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