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The theme of Holi festival is the victory of good over bad and the triumph of devotion. 

The word "holi" means burning. 

Legend has it that the demon king Hiranyakashyap wanted


everybody in his kingdom to worship only him.  However, the king's son Prahlad worshipped Lord Naarayana. 

The king's sister Holika had a blessing whereby she was able to enter a blazing fire without getting hurt.   Hiranyakashyap commanded Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad on her lap.  Neither of them knew that Holika's blessing only worked when she entered a fire alone. 

While in the fire, Prahlad prayed fervently to Lord Naarayana and was saved because of his devotion.  Holi, on the other hand, used her blessing for evil purposes and she paid the price of her life. 

The Holi celebration begins with the lighting of a bonfire on Holi eve.  People send blessings and love to dear ones in a special Holi gift. 

On the last day of Holi, people take a little fire from the bonfire to their homes.  They believe that the fire will render their homes pure and make their bodies free from disease.

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