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Rama Navami

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Rama Navami is the day on which Lord Rama incarnated in human form as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 

Lord Rama has half the divinitive qualities of Lord Vishnu.

The word "Rama" means


one who is divinely blissful, in whom the sages rejoice. 

This day is also the marriage day of Rama and Sita. 

Bhagwan Rama was the embodiment of compassion, gentleness, kindness, righteousness and integrity. He had all the power in the world, but was peaceful and gentle.  Lord Rama's reign in the city of Ayodha is described as perfect governance. During the reign of King Dasharath, Ayodhya was prosperous. Dasharath had no children, and decided to perform the ashvamedh sacrifice, which was a great event in Ayodhya.

During that time Ravana, the king of Lanka, was terrorizing the people, and they wanted to be liberated from him. Ravana was assured by God Brahma that he would never die at the hands of gods, or gandharvas, or yakshas (demigods) or demons.

Ravana was not afraid of men, and overlooked men in the list of his potential slayers.  Brahmadev declared that Ravana would die at the hands of a man. 

The gods went to Vishnu for help and asked Vishnu to incarnate in the wombs of the three queens of Dasharath.  When Dasharath's sacrifice was completed, a shining figure appeared and offered the king a divine beverage called "payasam".  Dasharath gave this beverage to his queens Kausalya, Kaikayi, and Sumitra. In due time, Kausalya gave birth to Rama, Kaikayi to Bharat and Sumitra to Laxman and Shatrugna.  

Rama finally killed Ravana.

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