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Ratha Saptami

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Devotees get up before sunrise and take a bath by placing Arka or Jilledu or Ekka leaves on seven different part of the body, namely head, two shoulders, two


thighs, chest and back.

They do this bath three times repeating the Mantra "Sapta Sapta Maha Sapta, Sapta Dweepa Vasundhra, Sapta Arka Parnamaadaya, Saptami Ratha Saptami".

After finishing the bath, all family members pray to the sun God while milk is being boiled. When the milk overflows while boiling it is thought of as offering to the sun God and they do a Namaskara to the overflowing milk.

The boiling of the milk is repeated three times.  They then use the milk to prepare a dish called Paramannam, a recipe made of rice, jaggery (unrefined brown sugar made from palm sap, and milk).

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