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Arihant Pad

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This is the first day of Navapad Oli. 

Arihant has twelve supreme attributes.   The


four main attributes are:

  • Arihanta delivers an extraordinary sermon (infinite knowledge).
  • All people, animals and heavenly gods understand the sermon delivered by Arihanta in their own language (infinite perception).
  • Arihanta is worshipped by mundane souls of the whole universe (perfect conduct).
  • No calamities or diseases exist near Arihanta (infinite energy). 

The other eight attributes are

  • A divine seat from where Arihanta delivers his sermon.
  • A halo behind Arihanta's head.
  • Heavenly gods wave diamond studded fans to celebrate Arihanta's greatness.
  • A three tier divine umbrella over Arihanta's head suggests that Arihanta is the king of the entire universe that consists of hell, earth, and heaven.
  • The ashok tree under which Arihanta sits to deliver his sermon.
  • A continuous shower of fragrant flowers.
  • There is a divine announcement of Arihanta's sermons.
  • Celestial music accompanies Arihanta's sermon.

Arihant preaches true spirituality.  He is worshiped by the whole universe and represented by the colour white. 

Arihant established the fourfold Jain Chaturvidha Sangha, which consists of

  • Sadhu (monks)
  • Sadhwi (nuns)
  • Shravaka (male household followers) and
  • Shravika (female household followers). 

Followers perform Ayambil by eating boiled rice (a white grain) only. They also pray, worship and meditate for Arihant during the day.

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