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Sadhu is celebrated on the fifth day of Navapad Oli.  

Sadhu left home and renounced his previous life. Sadhu then devoted himself to


five supreme vows to completely abstain from

  • Violence
  • Lies
  • Stealing
  • Sexual conducts and
  • Possessions of earthly things.

Sadhu strives towards a balanced life at all times and knows that tranquillity is the basis of an ascetic life.  He walks barefoot and never uses any type of vehicles. He never cooks for himself or others, but survives on food provided to him by others. Sadhu also does not own money in any form or any earthly belongings. He lives in austerity and is represented by the colour black.

Sadhu has twenty-seven attributes.

First there are the five great vows namely

  • Not to commit any type of violence.
  • Always be truthful
  • Not to take anything that was not given properly.
  • Celibacy and not indulging in any sensual pleasures
  • Not to acquire more than what is needed to get by every day 

Control of the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing

Control of the activities of mind, speech, and body

Protecting the six types of souls namely the one-sensed lives of water, fire, earth, air and plants, and the group of moving, living, five-sensed beings known as Trasa souls.

Sadhu must also

  • Observe restraints
  • Not eat before sunrise and after sunset
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Avoid greed
  • Endure hardship
  • Endure suffering
  • Introspection
  • Keep pure heart 

On this day followers eat boiled Udad only and pray, worship and meditate for Sadhu during the day.

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