Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit

Monday, 07 September 2020 16:45

Did you guess right?

I have many regular clients in different countries who get psychic readings for their own or business issues.  Quite often I feel that I learn more from the readings than they do.

One of the lessons that I am often reminded of is that it is not a good idea to second guess Spirit.  Of course, my readings are not always 100% accurate, because I am human, and I need to listen carefully and ensure I convey what I am given.

I had a client who was not happy in her job.  People who get readings from me know that I do not ask many questions.  I first connect and give everything I receive, and then I answer any remaining questions.  I received an image of this client with a briefcase in one hand and a passport in the other hand, boarding a plane with a one-way ticket to her destination.  It was as clear as day to me that she was going to accept a job in a different country, and that she was going to move from one country to another.  It turned out that she was from Estonia and based in the UK, and ready to move to either Brazil or Peru - she had applied for jobs in both countries.  After I had described to her the image that was given to me and confirmed that she would be leaving the UK and the reason would be her acceptance of a job in a different country, I asked if she had any questions.  She had one: “Am I going to get a job in another country and move away from the UK?”. 

All I can say is that maybe she was not ready to hear what I had told her.

Another client in England had a problem with damp in a corner house he owned.  He had tried everything to get rid of the damp, and after two years was at the end of his tether.  I told him that there was a leaking water pipe on the sidewalk that ran parallel with the railway line.  He had two issues with this answer:  the damp was on the opposite side of the house, and there was no railway line near the property.  However, this client trusted and went away to investigate.  He called me about two weeks later, quite excited.  It turned out that there was a disused railway line that very few people knew about, around 200 yards from the house.  He started digging, not on the sidewalk, but just inside the boundary.  The water pipe he uncovered was Victorian and ran underneath the house to the other side of the house, where the damp was.  He then got permission to dig up the sidewalk and fixed the leak within days.  He told me a few months later that the issue had been completely resolved.  He trusted and so did I.

I have a client in Scotland who, after over a decade of regular readings, still struggle with anything he receives that is not precise.  My suspicion is that Spirit is by now teasing him and giving him precise information, but not on his timescale.  He has an issue with an ancient property and some jiggery-pokery happening with his neighbour, who is hellbent on abusing an ancient law to get the property for next to nothing.  In short, the current owner must prove access on an existing road for at least 20 years, or else the access road cannot be regarded as part of the property.  My client could only prove access for about 17 years, and the crooked neighbour wanted to use this fact to devalue the property - to ensure that anyone can only access the huge property on foot.  The neighbour even went as far as erecting a locked gate to prevent access, claiming that he had a right to do so.

About a year ago I told the client two things: Firstly, an important man will take up his case and that will result in publicity.  Secondly, my client will sell the property to a buyer who will save the day by telling my client about a little-known law that will swing the situation in his favour.

Of course Mr Impatient wanted to know the exact surname of the important man and the new buyer, and on which exact dates each one will come knocking at his door, and as much detail about each one as possible, so that he can be prepared and “not miss anything”.

And then nothing happened for months on end.  The important man was not the council employee in charge of the case, or the solicitor, or the Lord of the Manor.  So, who was it?  And when would this man appear?

The property was on the market, and no buyers came forward for months.  When will the buyers come knocking on the door?  What colour car do they drive?  Will there be one or two people?  What price will they offer?

Sorry - I could not tell - because it was not even revealed to me.  Patience is a virtue.

About nine months after this information was revealed to me (and my client) I had an extremely excited client on the line.  The “important man” was no less than the local Member of Parliament who got wind of the situation, called my client, and added the facts to his campaign for clean governance.

The buyer, who happened to discover in a social situation that the house was for sale, made an offer, and my client made a counteroffer for the buyer’s smaller house.  This suited both parties to a tee and the paperwork flowed. 

My client, being the honest man that he is, was upfront about the legal wrangle around the access road.

Oh, said the new buyer.  There is a little-known law in Scotland which states that if anyone maintains the verge of an access road that borders on his neighbour’s property, as well as the access road, for ten years, then ownership of BOTH verges and the access road defaults to the party who can prove maintenance for ten years. 

You cannot imagine how happy this man was once he had confirmed the existence of the law and his claim of ownership.

The bottom line is:  we are not told everything, and what we hear is sometimes not what we want to hear.  I am not for a moment saying that every psychic is accurate every time - we are human, and we must listen carefully.  But patience is a virtue, and often a healthy dose of faith and common sense need to be added to any psychic reading.

Thursday, 13 August 2020 16:36

Spirit Has an Answer  


Recently an old friend died - not that he was so old.  He went before retirement age, and we have not had contact for over four decades.  But he was a friend.  Until religion interfered.

His passing scratched open wounds from my teenage years that I thought I had made peace with. 

This man was a lovely, intelligent boy with a good nature and a kind heart.  He was also from a different religion - and a different language and culture.  He was keen on me, and the feeling was mutual.  We were teenagers, exploring relationships and being adults. 

When I realised that this was more than a passing interest, I was happy and concerned - so concerned that I went to see the minister.  I had many questions about the ethical and moral rights and wrongs of having a relationship with someone from a different religious group.  I am not talking about anything extreme.  He was a Methodist, and I was in the Dutch Reformed Church, which made us both Protestants.  The point was that he was not a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Today this sounds like a laughable exaggeration, but at the time my world was wobbly because of the magnitude of the decision I had to make about the relationship.  The easy way out was to stop seeing him, which is what I did.  I knew I had hurt him, and I was hurt, but the blinkers were solidly in place.

Now, four decades later, I know how incredibly childish and immature that decision was, and how different my life would have been if I bit the bullet and broke away from that restrictive cult.  In my defence, I was a teenager who grew up in a God-fearing home and I only discovered in years that God is in fact a God of love.

During that same period, when I was already a young adult, my best friend got married.  I did not attend her wedding.  Why on earth not?  Because she was a member of the Apostolic Faith Mission - where people actually enjoy going to church, and they show it with music and singing and praising God.  My fear and indoctrination were such that I could not even see my way open to attend her wedding.  That was cruel, but at the time it was the only option that I could see.

The friendship remained strong, and she actually attended my wedding.

That memory represented another big loss to me, and to this day I can remember being at home on that day, wishing with all my heart that I could share my friend’s big day and her joy, but at the same time knowing that the ostracism following the decision to attend would have been unbearable. 

Little did I know that about a decade later, I would experience that same ostracism at full blast anyway when I got divorced.

Over the years I had more experiences that confirmed for me how vicious religious people can be.  I worked in Ireland, a country still in the grip of a smothering Catholic Church, and saw the worst side of religious judgment - where a mass grave of babies and orphans was discovered at a convent, and where children in general were not safe from any men or the cloth.  I lived in England, where it is totally acceptable to remain married and have several relationships after leaving the marital home, because of the social and religious judgment of the Church of England if you actually go through with a divorce.  I am not sitting in moral judgment.  Spirituality has taught me the importance of finishing unfinished business, and the church does not allow that.

Does this mean everything about religious is bad?  On the contrary.  If you read the holy scriptures of many religious, you will find the gems and the beauty in each one of them.  And of course, there are many good people for whom religion and their religious practices form a resting place for their feet.

For me spirituality is my home and my comfort.  There is nothing that cannot be resolved by Spirit, and there is no greater solace than what I get form communing with Spirit. 

I was a qualified psychologist for many years and gave up that title because I encountered situations where no amount of psychological training could help me. 

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught in which box to put the person who came to me, desperate for help halfway during a sex change and feeling suicidal.  Spirit had an answer.

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught what is the best way to council a prisoner who called me from death row in the US two days before his execution, for a psychic reading.  Spirit had an answer.

I have since been through experiences in my own life that got me close to breaking point, and I was able to learn and see patterns and get explanations that do not appear in any religious scripture or academic textbook.  I now help people who go through similar experiences.  Spirit had an answer.

Sunday, 17 May 2020 10:13

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius


I am sure you are familiar with the line “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” from the musical Hair from the 60s.

Guess what?  We are right inside the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  But what does it mean? 

The constellations change to a new zodiac sign roughly every 2 150 years.  I am using the word “roughly” because time is a man-made concept that helps us cope with this dimension.  The stars and the stellar system follow their own waves, and they are not interested in the clocks and calendars that we use on earth.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius indicates that we have been coming out of the Age of Pisces, and we are now entering the new Age of Aquarius. 

The last time we had an Age of Aquarius was around 13 000 years ago, during Babylonian times.   Legend says that the Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.

Did this happen in March 2020?  Or before that?  Or even in the previous century?  Apparently, astrologers cannot give us a definitive answer - which does not surprise me, because the stars follow their own rules.  The planets don’t operate on earthly rhythms.  They wander around like drunken flies, but at the same time with a clear sense of destiny and direction.  If you want to see how the planets move, start studying crop circles and their beautiful patterns. 

I suspect we have made that shift from Pisces to Aquarius a while ago, and this is now clearly reflected in what is happening around is. 

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and contains elements of all the previous zodiac signs.  Pisces was the swan song of a previous era.  That means the Age of Aquarius is a new beginning, not only of a new zodiac sign, but of a new era of around 13 000 years.

We left the Age of Pisces with a deep sense of knowing and a focus on faith.  Over the past 2 000 years humanity did a lot of introspection and wanted answers about creativity, spirituality and intuition.  We were all taught about altruism and self-sacrifice - and we had to learn all these things, because in previous eras we did everything we could to destroy each other.

The Age of Aquarius is a completely new beginning, with a mantra of “I know”.  This is not the opposite of faith.  Instead, this is an age where we can prove what we have intuitively known for millennia. 

Of course, this comes with a lot of new knowledge and reform for humanity.

Can we blame a virus for this change?  Yes, the virus and the completely irrational response to the virus has rubbed our noses int o the fact that nothing will be the same again.

However, we are still looking for getting back to the status quo, when in fact there has been a new status quo for many years - and it has got nothing to do with shopping and exercising. 

Do you remember how the Law of Attraction has swept the spiritual world a few years ago?  And there were the books on Conversations with God  and A Course in Miracles and Gary Renard’s amazing book The Disappearance of the Universe?

All of those books, and many others, clearly indicated that the old rules no longer work.  These works give us guidelines on navigating a new world.  If you have those books, do yourself a favour and read them again.

But the wave of change did not stop there. 


Tuesday, 07 April 2020 13:26

Afraid?  Remember the Law of Attraction

We live in times of change on a scale that few of us can imagine.  We know where we come from, but in a very short time the world has changed, and it will never return to what it was.

Whose fault is it?  Depends on which social media you allow into your consciousness.  Did the virus originate from an animal in a dirty Chinese market?  Or was it planted in the market - or even in a few places - by the US government?  Does the virus follow the footprint of 5G?  Is it in fact not a virus, but rather your body’s reaction to 5G radiation? 

And I am sure you can add to the list.

My question is:  What can you do about any of those possible causes? 

And the answer is simple:  Nothing.

Does that leave you powerless? 

On the contrary.  It leaves every single one of us in a position of power that is mind-blowing. 

Have you noticed that?  Or are you inadvertently adding to fearmongering by spreading anything that relates to the situation, whether it is true or relevant or appropriate or not?  If you are too quick on the Send or Forward button, here is a suggestion.  You could spend time on doing your research on the internet and getting facts.  Or even better, get off the internet as far as you can, and claim your power.

What does that mean: claim your power?

Remember how the Law of Attraction became everyone’s bible a few years ago?  Even today there are still prophets around who sell expensive courses so that you can get rich/find the perfect partner/find your soulmate/do anything your heart desires overnight by just following what the course tells you - once you have made the financial dreams of the course creator come true.

Here is a but of truth that I will give you for free:  The Law of Attraction works - but only together with a lot of elbow grease and focus.

There is a simple mantra that encompasses the Law of Attraction: What you think about and thank about, you bring about.  It is that simple.

Think about what you want - and do it in detail and with an action plan.  Say thank you and feel the gratitude for what you are about to receive.  Then see how it materialises based on your action.  Try it - dream your dreams, and then do what is needed to make those dreams reality.  The more you do that, the more the Universe adds to the scale of your dreams, and the more materialises for you.

What does that have to do with the pandemic?

What are you thinking about?  What do you allow to fill your mind?  What do you focus on? That is what you bring about.

And the only way to get the future we all want, is to focus on that future rather than on the myriad of distractions that the media feed us.

I run a WhatsApp group that is meant to focus on gratitude ad give people hope.  I want everyone to focus on the purpose of the group.  You have no idea how I have my hands full sending fear and fearful posts and fearful attitudes away from the group - I spend a lot of time explaining what the group is about, and next another post jumps out (just like a virus) and I have to start again.

And no, I am not like an ostrich with my head in the sand.  My view is that there are hundreds of groups and sites where there is a place for everything related to the pandemic, but my group is there to provide balance, by focusing on the amazing new world that is unfolding right under our noses.

What you think about and thank about, you bring about. 

I choose to think about spiritual awakening, recognising the truth, and spreading Unconditional Love.  That is the Law of Attraction in action.

What is your version of the Law of Attraction?  What do you think about and thank about?

Saturday, 28 March 2020 09:29

We Have Lockdown. So?

Millions of people all over the globe are house-bound and only allowed to go out for essential trips.  Of course, I could write a book about the reasons for this, and whether the lockdown is justified or not.  However, it is what is. 

The more important question is what to do about it.

Sunday, 22 March 2020 08:53

Creating Gratitude


Is it possible to create gratitude rather than just feel it momentarily?  Yes, it is. Let me explain.

The Universe is in complete balance - from the largest global pandemic to the smallest sub-atomic particle. That is how everything was created.  We tend to forget about this incredibly beautiful balance when we get stuck in emotions.


Saturday, 29 February 2020 16:24

Go On … Buy Yourself That Gift …


Is there something that you really, really want, but you are hesitant to get it for yourself because it is expensive/the time is not right/you don’t deserve it etc.?

And sometimes you don’t understand the motivation behind your hesitation, or – even worse – you try and manipulate the Universe into giving you what you want, because someone told you that if you wish hard enough, your wishes will come true.

I can recall two instances where I was in such a position.

The first one was when my old wrist watch finally gave in.  I was able to use a mobile phone instead to tell the time, but I really wanted a beautiful new watch – and because I was alone and lonely, I asked the Universe to send to me a beautiful man who will buy me the perfect wrist watch.

Nothing happened.  I did not meet the man, and I still did not have a wrist watch.

I then went on holiday to the Principality of Lichtenstein, and saw the perfect watch – gold, the right size, the right shape, the most beautiful design – and I bought it for myself.  I am still wearing the watch, and it still bring me joy. 

Meanwhile the man finally arrived, and did not notice my watch.  For my birthday he bought me a watch – a silver monstrosity with pink rhinestones.  The relationship did not last, and not even the charity shop wanted the silver watch – it was that ugly.  No, he did not try to make fun of me.  He just had really bad taste and did not know my taste at all or even bother to find out. 

To this day I am glad that when I had the opportunity, I bought myself the beautiful wrist watch rather than try to interfere with the plan that the Universe had with me.

The other instance was my visit to Venice.

For years, I wanted to visit Venice.  I thought it would be wonderful if I could go there with a good friend or – if you can believe the publicity – a lover.  I have travelled extensively in Europe – mostly on my own – but for some reason I had this mental block about travelling to Venice alone.

When I realised that my time living in Europe was up, I decided to bite the bullet and go to Venice for a short break.  My intention was to stay in a hotel in Marghera, a village nearby, and from there take a bus to Venice.  I would then spend the rest of the time doing other touristy things around Venice, but at least I can place a tick mark next to Venice on my to-do list.

Buy – was I wrong!  I arrived in Marghera, took the bus to Venice, and explored the city.  I did the same the next day – and the next, and the next – and if I can go back today I will.  The whole place just took my breath away.  I spent hours on the water buses.  I walked through every alley and shared an over-priced gondola with an American family.  I browsed in the shops.  I just took in the incredible beauty and tranquillity of the place, day after day, and enjoyed the gelato. 

Yes, it was summer and the place was teeming with tourists, but even so, I experienced a tranquillity that remains with me to this day.  The only experience that impacted on my tranquillity was my visit to the beautiful San Marco cathedral.  It is a stunning place – much more beautiful than the photographs suggest.  I did not mind paying an entrance fee, because such places need to be maintained, and I understand that building maintenance is expensive.  What I did mind was having to spend money on a dull brown, papery, plastic piece of simulated cloth that I was expected to use to cover my shoulders before I could enter the cathedral.  To this day I am convinced that God firstly created my shoulders – and did a good job even if I may say so myself – and secondly God would not have been offended by my short sleeves – not even bare shoulders - and that God also dislikes that piece of …  At least I can count my blessings, because another tourist was required to buy two pieces – one to cover his bare arms, and another one to cover his legs, because apparently the God of that cathedral also has issues with bare male legs.

Both these incidents taught me that if a thought resonates with you, then you need to trust and do what you need to do so that you can have the experience.  In both instances they were not just short-lived experiences – they were moments that are with me to this day, and I felt a depth and a sense of satisfaction in those moments that gave me a glimpse of eternity.

I have since them recognised the same urge when I think of New Zealand and Peru, and I will go there – on my own or with other people – it does not matter.  I don’t have the money yet, but I know by now that as the thought materialises, the funding comes with the reality.

These callings do not necessarily relate to travel or to leaving your country.  I felt the same when I first had the thought of designing on-line courses (I already have two, and working on a third one and have a list of ideas that are germinating).  Right now I feel the same about my future vision of having a house overlooking the ocean – and it will happen, soon.

What do you need to do right now to make your dreams reality?  Go ahead – do it …

Saturday, 29 February 2020 16:09

Opposites Attract – And Find Love


I often wonder what it is that makes a relationship a winner … and I am afraid I cannot give you a glib answer, because I don’t think that there is one single answer.

I believe that a relationship is a contract between two souls that they enter into before they are born.  It does not matter whether they are married or not – a marriage contract is part of this dimension, whereas a relationship is the result of a contract that was concluded without signatures in another dimension.

I recently had the opportunity to observe various couples, and they confirmed for me that a relationship is a disguise for another agenda.

The first couple claimed to be good friends.  The lady is a good friend of the family, and the man is recently widowed.  I had only met her once, and before the man arrived with his family, she went out of her way to explain to me that she was a good friend of his deceased wife, and she helps the family where she can.  Why was it important for her to tell me this?

Then the man arrived.  I did not want to be in the way, so I moved to the other side of the swimming pool from where I observed them. 

The body language of the two together told me that not only were they not “just friends”, but that the feeling was mutual.  His adult children were also there, and even though it is less than a year since their mother passed away, they were friendly and receptive.  The man is prominent in his profession, and I will watch the newspapers for the wedding announcement …

I then encountered a married couple with a small son.  It was obvious that they both adored the child.  It was also obvious that there was something else going on there.  She is a black woman from an exotic island in the Antipodes, and she is very beautiful.  When I looked at her, I wanted to cry because of the sadness around her.  She was not only terribly homesick – she clearly was at a loss.

Her older husband is a mixed-race South African who spent most of his time outside of the country.  His dream was to “retire” by changing one very active career for another very active career, and he approaches everything he does with zest and enthusiasm – and alone.

It did not take him long to spill his guts to me – probably because when I met him, I made a comment that resonated with him.  It turned out that she was disillusioned with her “African dream”, and he was disillusioned with her disillusionment.  He was also fully aware that he misjudged when he thought he had captured her heart – while she had left her heart somewhere else and she was pining.

I wanted to hug them both and tell them everything will be OK, but I am not so sure of that.  They have a beautiful child to raise together, and they will do it, but I cannot imagine that either of them will be happy as long as they live under the same roof. 

In this instance the contract between them has nothing to do with living happily ever after.  It has everything to do with integrity and dealing with change and challenges – much more than it has to do with love.  And the challenges have nothing to do with their mixed-race marriage.  In this country that is no longer an issue.

The third couple I observed also have a mixed race marriage.  He is Italian and probably immigrated to South Africa when he was a small child.   She is what is known in South Africa as “coloured” – in other words, with white and black ancestors.  My impression was that they fell in love when they were both mature (and probably after failed previous marriages) and they are so happy that I felt like crying with joy when I saw them together.  They both radiate goodness.  Uproot them and put them in any other country, and they will settle down with zest and win over all the locals with their enthusiasm for life.  They will keep their sadness about being childless to themselves and discus that in the darkness of the night, when they are snuggled in their own cocoon against the world.

Every single relationship has an agenda.  It is very seldom that the agenda has to do with superficial things like race, age or gender.  During the relationship, the two partners rub against each other – like smooth river stones until they fit together perfectly, or like jagged rocks until either they are smoother together, or until the river of life lets one of them flow away while the other remains stuck.  The agenda has to do with more important things such as integrity, respect and self-respect, adapting to change, managing challenges together, growing separately and together, and finding that place where your heart opens up because of the place where you are and the person who is with you.

I have seen those as well – like the two middle-aged men who walked hand in hand, looking radiant, the long-married couple who cannot keep their eyes and hands off each other, and the mature couple preparing for a second marriage when they both believed that they had had their one chance of happiness when their spouses died.  Believe me, they have their own challenges, both as individuals and as couples.

Love is Love.

Yes, I am mixing metaphors, but the reason for that will become clear.

If I subtly hint that the administration of a large country is chaotic, would you know who I am referring to?  If I even more subtly hint that the reason for this public impression is the public utterances of the president of the country, and that the actions of his staff don’t help to change the impression, would you know what I am talking about?  This president lives on a diet of social media poison and misinformation coming from him or being exacerbated by him.

That is as far as I can go, if I don’t want to be forced to resign my job – but then I am not a diplomat from a country with whom the president and his country has a “special” relationship.  This poor diplomat made the mistake of stating the bleeding obvious and putting it in writing.

When the furore over this resignation of the diplomat hit the news, the comment was made that the diplomat was ‘caught in public saying something that is widely believed’.   His ‘punishment’ was that he was forced to resign, because the political situation became intolerable for him.

Sounds unfair, but what can we do?

But so far it is a situation on the international news, and it doesn’t really affect any of us. Or does it?

What do you do when things really go off the rails, and you are part of the situation?  You may be part of the situation because you live in the country, or because the city where you live is under/on fire, or even because you are in a work situation where what happens is against your values and to the detriment of everyone involved.  Do you keep quiet?  Do you listen to the news and say to yourself ‘the world is going mad’ and turn your attention to something else? Do you say something to a friend and shake your head and move on?  Do you voice your opinions out loud and try to change the situation?

This is not a recent moral dilemma, but rather one that is as old as humanity.  I am not a Christian and I am sure that different scriptures address this issue, but I can only quote from Leviticus 5:1 because I recently became aware of this text: "'If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.”

This indicates a moral obligation to speak up, and to bear the consequences, no matter what. 

It is interesting how something comes into your awareness, and then the test follows.

I once found myself in a work situation where incompetence, dishonesty and a general lack of regard for the client was allowed once, then twice, and then quickly became the norm.  This was because of a total lack of leadership, or rather leadership that took the entire team to the abyss. 

I was part of this team, and I realised within my first month that dishonesty and extremely damaging work practices were the norm.  What do you do when you are new in the situation?  I did what I normally do, which is never to turn the other cheek, but to rather determine whether what I discovered was my misinformed view (which could change because of the facts I discover) or an informed view which would be borne out by the facts.

In this instance the facts were plenty – and all the facts indicated that the emperor was stark naked in terms of integrity and competence, and he had his sycophantic followers who convinced him that his invisible cloak was beautiful.  The emperor also enjoyed raving whenever his ignorance and incompetence were challenged, in the belief that pure anger and hatred would gloss over the massive cracks that he not only created himself, but also condoned in others.  This habit quickly filtered down to those of his followers who had not yet tried to use tantrums as a cover for incompetence and ignorance, and they discovered that not only did the tantrums work, but the emperor supported them, as images of himself.

This is the recipe for a toxic work situation.

What to do when you are in this situation?  This is where I feel empathy for the diplomat who was forced to resign because he stated the bleeding obvious, which not only his colleagues, but the entire world knew.

I worked from my sphere to tactfully expose the dishonesty, by providing solid proof to the emperor. To my absolute astonishment, I was told to “do introspection” because I was focusing on dishonesty towards a client, where regular “white lies” do the job.  I started collecting the evidence of dishonesty.

I believe that it is only fair to criticize the skills of others when I am in a position to give them the skills.  So I provided the tools to counter the incompetence, en ensured that the tools were accessible.  Not only was the reception very cold, but the emperor told me in so many words that nothing I could offer would ever be welcome – I presume because anything I offered exposed his nakedness and his raving madness.

Since it was clear to me that the client was not only suffering losses, but was also losing confidence in the emperor in his team, I decided to escalate the issues by stating the bleeding obvious to a higher level of management, first in person, and then in writing.  What happened?  Nothing. Why? Because for those who could step in and set down the rules that would create a healthy workplace, collecting the fees every month was far more important.

Meanwhile the emperor was making regular noises about “straight talk” – which meant “do as you are told, without questioning” and “collaboration” – which meant “I will tell you from my limited experience and what I grabbed from a book somewhere what standard I expect you to set without arguing – and yes, the standard is low, but remember, so is my intelligence and level of competence, so shut up and obey.”

My cognitive dissonance, where the difference between what I believed was right and what was happening around me, was growing every day. Was it me? Was I the one with the warped view of the world?

When colleagues approached me to test their observations, which were identical to mine, I realised I was not wrong.  When the client became quite verbal about their dissatisfaction and started talking about prematurely terminating the contract, I realised my observations were real.

And nothing was done to change anything.

I then discovered that the emperor had been escorted out of a previous work situation for the exact reasons I observed, and he was marched straight to this unsuspecting client, who was now paying the price for accepting him.

What could I do? Resign and walk away.  I would have preferred to stay and root out the corruption, but one person can only be effective up to a point.  

To my surprise, once I handed in my resignation, people from various corners (including the client who was losing on all fronts, and my employer who finally realised that I was not crying wolf) approached me - not to stay, but for me to provide as much evidence as possible of the rot that I had observed.  They all realised that I would never thrive in a situation that will take a very heavy hand to change, and nobody tried to stop me.  I handed it all over and walked away - after observing the emperor being fast asleep in a client meeting, while an irate client explained how the emperor and his team had failed. And nobody took any action - they were too busy admiring the emperor’s invisible clothes.

I could have taken a strong case to the labour court, but as tarot teaches us, justice (where each one of us has to account for our deeds at the end of our lives) is far more important than judgment (where I could win a huge victory, but at the expense of my own wellbeing).

Rumour has it that the emperor will be marched off the premises again soon, this time in disgrace with no option of a new victim who will unknowingly accept him and the damage he does.  I am happily working in a new environment where everything I can contribute is accepted with open arms.

There is hope for the diplomat as well – he acted and he will get his reward.  On a cosmic scale, he played his role by speaking up.  And he is not the only one.  The tide of voices against the corruption is rising world-wide.

This is how we make the world a better place.  We speak up and voice our concerns, and we take action, even if it is on a small scale, because if we don’t say or do anything, we condone our dark sides.  Are you part of the tide of integrity and well-being?

Karma is a bitch – if you approach her from the wrong angle.

Saturday, 16 March 2019 14:32

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