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Mabon (Southern Hemisphere)

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On this day in the Southern hemisphere people will have harvest festivals. 

This celebration is a part of


many cultures and was even found in ancient Greece where the harvesting of the grapes for wine was celebrated. 

In the 1700's the Bavarians had their first Oktoberfest, and this tradition still exists today. 

Originally, the American Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated on the 3rd October, which makes a lot more sense agriculturally. It was later moved by Franklin Roosevelt in a bid to help post-Depression holiday sales. 

The symbols of Mabon include mid-autumn vegetables like squashes and gourds, apples and anything made from them (such as cider or pies), baskets that symbolize the gathering of crops, sickles and scythes, and grapes. 

Legend has it that Demeter, the goddess of grain and the harvest in ancient Greece, had a daughter, Persephone.  Hades, the god of the underworld, saw Persephone and decided to abduct her to the underworld.  By the time that Demeter managed to get Persephone back, Persephone had already eaten six pomegranate seeds and was doomed to spend six months of the year in the underworld.  These are the six months when the earth dies.

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