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Winter Nights

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Winter Nights is a Heathen festival aimed at honouring family, both living and dead. 

The festival is also known as Elf-blessing, because it is aimed at


honouring the ancestral spirits, the spirits of the land, and the powers of fruitfulness, wisdom, and death.

For the Heathens, death is a natural part of life and not something to fear.  Winter Nights marks the turning of the year from summer to winter, and the turning of our awareness from outside to inside.

The Winter Nights feast is also a time to celebrate our connection and friendship with both the living and our earlier forebears. It marks the beginning of the long dark wintertime at which memory becomes more important than foresight, at which old tales are told and great deeds are toasted as we ready ourselves for the spring to come. People reflect on accomplishments achieved and those which have yet to be made.

Winter Nights also marks the beginning of a time of indoor work, thought and craftsmanship.  The Wild Hunt begins to ride after the celebration of Winter Nights, and the roads and fields no longer belong to humans, but to ghosts and trolls.

Starting on this night, the divisions between the worlds of the living and the dead is lessened. During the Wild Hunt the restless spirits of the dead and those yet to be born walk amongst the living. The dead may return to the places where they had lived, and food and entertainment are provided in their honour.

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