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Death and After

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Why is it that Westerners, and especially Christians, have such a strong fear of death, while at the same time proclaiming their belief in eternal life?

This book explains the process of life, then death, and then events after death.

The book draws on sources as wide as 

  • Milton's Paraside Lost
  • The Chinese Yi-Ching
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • The Zarathustrean Avesta

to explain knowledge about life and death that has been available since the beginning of mankind.

The book initially explains the components of life as follows:


"Man then consists of 

The Immortal Triad

  • Manas - the Thinker in us, the Intelligence.
  • Atma - the Spirit
  • Buddhi - the vehicle wherein Atma, the Spirit, dwells, and in which alone Atma can manifest.

The Perishable Quaternary

  • The Dense Body - the physical body, the visible, tangible outer form, composed of various tissues.
  • The Etheric Double - the ethereal counterpart of the body, composed of the physical ethers.
  • Prana - vitality, the integrating energy that co-ordinates the physical molecules and holds them together in a definite organism - it is the life-breath within the organism, the portion of the universal Life-Breath, appropriated by the organism during the span of existence that we speak of as 'a life'.
  • Kama - the aggregate of appetites, passions, and emotions, common to man and brute.

The link between the Immortal Triad and the Perishable Quaternary is Manas, which is dual during earth life, or incarnation, and functions as Higher Manas and Lower Manas.  Higher Manas sends out a Ray, namely Lower Manas, which works in and through the human brain, functioning there as brain-consciousness, as the ratiocinating (methodological and logical reasoning) intelligence. This intelligence mingles with Kama, the passional (characterised by passion) nature, the passions and emotions thus becoming a part of Mind, as defined in Western Psychology.

This is the link formed between the higher and lower natures in man, this Kama-Manas belonging to the higher by its manasic, and to the lower by its kamic, elements.  This forms the battleground during life, and plays an important part in post-mortem existence."

This clearly shows that we are made up of components that are both eternal and perishable.  

This makes death more of a transition and less of a disaster.

The book goes on to explain the phases after physical death.

In the first stage "When the etheric double finally quits the body, it does not travel to any distance from it. Normally it remains floating over the body, the state of consciousness being dreamy and peaceful ..."

Then, later, "Prana, the portion of the life-energy appropriated by the man in his embodied state, having lost its vehicle, the ethereal double, which, with the physical body, has slipped away from its controlling energy, must pass back into the great life-reservoir of the universe."

The book continues to explain the rest of the eternal journey until all earth-bound links have been severed.

This book is easy to read and will bring much peace of mind to those who have had to say good bye to loved ones.  It answers many questions in a factual way with quotes from a large rangs of sources from different cultures and backgrounds, all coming to the same conculsions/


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