The Clairs

The Clairs (1)

The Clairs

Saturday, 15 December 2018 06:29

The Clairs

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Using the Universal Language Module 19

 This is what will be covered in Module 19:

Date to be Announced 2019: The Clairs

Our glands and being psychic.  What do our glands have to do with our intuitive abilities?

Clairaudience.  What does “hearing clearly” mean?

Clairsentience.  Why can I feel the physical pain of someone else?

Clairvoyance. How does my third eye work?

Claircustatian. How is it possible to taste something that is not in my mouth?

Clairolfaction.  Why do some people smell tobacco or flowers or a fragrance that is not in the room?

Claircognisance.  How can I use my sense of knowing?

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