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Who Am I?

I Want to Know About Spirituality Video 3


This is what will be covered in Video 3:

Who Am I?

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You are not your body.  When you die you leave your body behind.  If you are not your body, then who are you?  How do we know that you are not your body?  What do the words “I am” mean to you?

What does “if it resonates with you” mean? What do you resonate with and how does it work?  What resonates with you?  How do the sun and the moon impact on your behaviour and why?  Why is grounding important and how does it work?

Energy and vibrations.  Why do we need to understand the meaning of having so much water in our bodies?  What does sound do to our bodies?  What do emissions from computers do to our bodies?

Why do I sometimes feel like I am floating?  Why is grounding important and how does it work?  What benefits do we get from grounding?

Where can I find answers?  Where do I find answers to the questions on my spiritual path?  How do I know if I can trust the answers?  What techniques or skills can I learn so that I can find answers?

Finding my tribe.  Who is my tribe?  How do I find my tribe?  Why would I want to find like-minded people?

Invest in Your Copy of the video

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