Injustice and How to Put It Right

What is injustice?  How do you put it right?  And what if you do someone an injustice and you cannot put it right?

I can only give you my views, based on my own experiences.

Over the past few weeks, three incidents raised my “injustice hackles” and one of them really surprised me.

The first incident relates to a TV film called “The Other Prince William”.   I was bored (I am not a royal follower) and decided to watch this film about the secret life of the next king of England.  I was wrong.  It turned out there WAS another Prince William – of Gloucester, and he died in a flying accident in the early 1970’s. However, that was not the tragedy of his life.


He was fourth in line to the English throne, being a cousin of Queen Elizabeth.  He worked as a diplomat in Tokio, Japan, where he met a twice-divorced, Jewish single mother called Zsuzsi Starkloff.

Matters of the heart don’t consider the rules of succession, and definitely not the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 – which was changed anyway in 2013 by the same person who used the centuries-old version to thwart the relationships not only of her cousin, Prince William of Gloucester, but also of her sister, Princess Margaret.

Since this lovely lady in every sense of the word, Zsuzsi Starkloff, was weighed and found to light to be royal, there have been many divorces and even some marriages with people from outside the Church of England.

How does one live with the knowledge that the happiness of others was destroyed because of religious values that turned out to be as solid as candy floss?  I don’t need to, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

The second incident relates to a completely unexpected incident I witnessed.  I grew up in South Africa, where there are many different race groups.  There are also mixed-race groups, where e.g. the father is white and the mother is black or the other way round.  That is no big deal – people of all race groups followed their hearts, and the children represent some of each parent, as with any other union.

In this instance, a couple belonging to different race groups referred to their adored child as a mixed-race child.  They were correct, and in that context (a discussion about schools and culture) they were simply stating the facts, as they normally do, both being mature, level-headed and doting parents.

I can’t explain why that hit me hard in the stomach.  It just did not feel right to describe the child in that manner.  Taking a step back, all I can think of is that I only see children, and I prefer not to add any labels to children.  Yes, they grow up and they have to face the ugly stuff in the world, but why should we add to the stuff they need to face by using such labels?

It is none of my business, and that child is probably one of the luckiest children in the world, being loved to the moon and back by all relatives.  However, I will go out of my way to not label a child in any way – that is my choice.

The third incident really caught me by surprise.  I don’t need to even mention names – I can simply refer to “that orange person” as I tend to do – and you will know who I am talking about.  He is supposed to be a world leader, but my hair stand on end just thinking about him.  I would rather say nothing about him than give him head-space on social media, because I know how the law of attraction works, and I know about karma – both receiving past karma and creating future karma.

I saw a photograph on social media with this person, posing years ago with his parents.  Someone obviously doctored the original photograph by adding Ku Klux Klan outfits to his parents, and then circulated the doctored photograph on social media to prove a point about the background of the orange person after a violent outbreak of far-right sentiments.  Everything about this outbreak of violence was just wrong, including the lack of moral backbone that was shown by the leader of a once proud country.  This incident will reverberate around the world for years to come.

What I found equally repulsive was the mindset of the person who took an old and irrelevant photograph, covered it in a layer of hatred which is no different from the hatred that caused the violence, and chose to send this into the world.  What kind of person claims to know better by demanding an eye for an eye?  There was no humour in that either.  I recently read a beautiful description of true humour – a moment of enlightenment, because if anyone needs to explain the joke to you, there is no understanding and no enlightenment.

I am not taking the side of a person whose behaviour is incredibly destructive at the best of times.  I am rather turning my back to the person who wanted to make the opposite point and failed miserably, by simply spreading even more dark than there was before.  This cannot be undone.  Why kick someone who is already lying on the ground – even if he is the last person to recognise it?  Introducing a different variety of darkness does not make the light clearer.  Lighting more candles make the light clearer.  Darkness is the absence of light, rather than the opposite of light.

Justice is not for the courts to apply.  Justice is something that we feel in our bones, in our hearts and in our minds.  If any action harms even one person, then it is an injustice that cannot be undone.  What karma are you creating for your future?

Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit is a well-known author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. What would you like to resolve?


0 # Emily Woodward 2019-09-12 15:46
Justice is a set of essential values ​​on which a society and the State must be based , these values ​​are respect, equity, equality and freedom.
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