What Is Your Alibi for Change?

How do you react to change?  Or how do you respond to change?

This is not just word play.

Reacting to change is a knee-jerk defense where your favorite alibi kicks in, and taking the wrong action or an inappropriate action.  More about these alibis below.

Responding to change, on the other hand, means understanding that change is happening, assessing the change, and then thinking about it before acting to make the best of the change.

 Fear of Poverty

People tend to have some very basic fears about their future.  The first and most ingrained and baseless is the fear of poverty.   We are consciousness.  Our consciousness means that we have the ability to focus our thoughts and create something from nothing – or particles from waves – by adding consciousness to the mix.  The implication is that we can create abundance all the time.  Of course this does not mean that when you want to have more money, you need to have a printing press installed at your home and start printing money.  It means that if you set an amount which you need for a specific purpose, then your unconscious mind will identify the vibrations that are in line with what you defined, and opportunities will come your way to generate the money.  Then it is up to you to grab those opportunities and generate the money.  When the opportunity comes and you prefer to hide behind your alibi, then you will remain poor.  If you expect someone else to manage the opportunity on your behalf, you will remain poor.  What are you doing with your opportunities?

Fear of Criticism

Do you have a fear of criticism?  Are the opinions of people about you more important than your opinion about yourself?  Then you need to address this – and quickly.  Across most religions and philosophies there is what is known as “the golden rule”:  Do unto others as you want to have done unto yourself.    Add to that the command to love your neighbor, and there you go! If you are required to love your neighbor, then you are also required to love yourself.  Do you love yourself?  Do you love the kind of person you are, the body you inhabit, the things you do?  If not, then today is the day when you need to stop at the nearest mirror, look at the person looking back to you, and say “I love you”. 

That will not make you a narcissist – it will make you an emotionally balanced person who understands that who you are attracts who you mix with.  For example: are you waiting to meet your “other half”?  Why on earth would you want to be half a person and spend your life with half a person?  How about becoming whole, and then sharing your wholeness and contentment with a person who is whole and content?  Wouldn’t that be much more fun than relying on half a person to make you whole, while your “other half” expects you to make them whole?  Where would you rather spend time – enjoying a romantic sunset on the beach, or doing hospital visits?  Love yourself like you love other people.

Fear of Ill Health

Then there is the fear of ill health.  You know by now that you create your own experiences with the thoughts that you allow into your head.  Let me also tell you that your physical body reflects your spiritual body.  If you have a “spiritual ailment” you will also experience that as a physical ailment.  For example, if you are heart-broken, you could have a physical heart ailment.  If your knee is wonky, it may be because a part of your life is out of balance, or because you are resisting change.  If you are a diabetic, then “the sweetness has disappeared from your life”.  The interesting part is that your physical ailments can also be unresolved remnants from a previous life.  If that is the case, you may need to do work such as past life regression or working with your ancestors to get to the bottom of the issue. 

The alternative is to suppress the physical ailments with drugs, or to blame people for treating you the way they do – this is a favorite alibi which only causes you trouble.

Fear of Losing Love

Are you doing things you don’t want to, or are you not doing anything about your dreams and hopes, for fear of losing the love of someone important to you?  If so, you are shooting yourself in the foot. 

Here’s why.

Having a relationship with anyone is not about gaining or losing love.  There is always a different agenda, for example, learning to value yourself, saying no to abuse, compromising in difficult situations etc.  This agenda is based on your life script, which you agreed to before you were born, and your soul contract with the person you have the relationship with, which you also accepted before you were born.

Love is the eternal and universal reason why you have the soul contract in the first place.  Even your worst enemies love you enough to have agreed to enter the soul contract with you.  You cannot possibly lose their love in this world and in this life, because you already have that love in another dimension.

So, if you are stuck in a relationship, whether it is a love, work, family or other relationship, ask yourself why you remain there.  What is it that you would rather not deal with?  You would be surprised at how incredibly liberating it is to deal with these issues that turn your feet into cement.  Once you have done it and gained the wisdom, you will move on to a relationship where the Love is obvious and much more tangible.  If it means that you are leaving the person you love behind, or that they leave you behind, then remember, you don’t lose their love.  You may lose their presence in this life, but their love is always there.  Staying in the relationship for fear of losing love is not an option – it hurts too much. 

Fear of Old Age

A fear that has been a real eye-opener for me is the fear of old age – not that I never feared old age, but I simply could not understand why many people give up on life when they reach retirement age, and then simply wait for Death to come and fetch them. 

We all know that we cannot avoid old age – but how we approach it and what we do with it is really important.

 I have noticed over many years how most people reach an age where they simply stop living – because they are old.  Society confirms this with retirement ages that are enforced, and you are reminded of your age in many subtle – and more blatant – ways such as more expensive insurance and discounts on bus tickets, that you are over the hill.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As you know by now, the reason why we reincarnate is to learn wisdom from our experiences, and grow into a more enlightened spiritual body which is reflected in our physical bodies.  If you take care of your spiritual body, then it is a joy to take care of your physical body as well.  That is the truth.  That cannot be argued with.  You grow in wisdom, and therefore you grow in power. 

Why on earth would your wisdom and power disappear overnight when you hit a society-imposed age limit?   And add to that the idea of linear time which is also only useful in this dimension           - and that makes time an illusion.  If you are afraid of aging, then you should also be afraid of breathing, because with every breath you age. 

There is also the nonsensical belief that your body will degenerate as you grow older anyway, so why bother looking after your health?  Of course you can believe that – but then it will simply mean that you have to reincarnate so that you can experience the true meaning of the command “Love your neighbor” where your body is your closest neighbor.  The choice is yours.

Rather change your mindset, and ask yourself how you can change the world with the immense level of wisdom and power that you already have, and which will increase as you grow older. And as a reminder:  today is the tomorrow you were afraid of yesterday – and look at how well today has turned out for you.

Fear of Death

The final basic fear is the fear of death.  I read a fascinating novel the other day about a man who discovered an elixir which ensured that he physically remained the same age, no matter how long he loved.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  In the story he had enough money to support himself from one new incarnation to the next – because obviously he could not remain young in appearance for ever while his children and grandchildren became adults and aged, while he remained youthful. Every few decades, he had to take a long journey, and then “drown at sea” or “disappear without a trace” so that he could inherit his income from himself, and keep living.  He had to leave loved ones behind, and then years later visit them again, pretending to be a distant relative, so that they would not discover his secret. 

It all sounds very adventurous, but how would you feel if you became immortal and – ironically – be unable to see your grandchildren grow into adults,  or leave your spouse behind as a “widow”, especially when you are in a happy relationship?

Death is like birth – it is part of an endless cycle.  There is a video on Youtube where a follower of the Baha’i faith explains this beautifully.  When a baby is in the womb, it is protected from everything and totally dependent on the mother.  The baby grows hands and eyes and internal organs, even though it has no use for any of those in the womb, and no idea even that there is a world outside of the womb. 

Only when the baby gets born, does it discover a use for all these limbs, senses and organs that were irrelevant while in the womb.

Death is the same.  We spend an entire lifetime gathering wisdom through experiences, and we complain about life’s challenges.  We are involved in all sorts of conflict, and we build a life knowing that we will leave it all behind when we die.  It is so easy to think it was all for nothing – just like that baby who spent nine months growing legs and being unable to stand or walk or run in the womb.

What If You Have Nothing to Fear?

But what if all of these unpleasant experiences are not for nothing?  What if each one of them prepares us for a next life full of joy and abundance? There has been enough solid research to prove that life continues after death – and before birth, and that eternal life truly is without beginning or end. 

If you fear death, then you don’t understand what life is about. Death is merely a transition into the next chapter of your eternal journey.  There are people – people who are healthy in mind, body and spirit – who practice their own death, so that when they die, there is the least possible trauma for them.  They understand that death is a natural process, as is reincarnation.  They understand that after death we continue life – just without our bodies – and they prepare for the next part of the journey rather than for the trauma of leaving the body behind.

And guess what?  All of these fears are like candy floss.   You can build them up, and nothing comes of the fears when you go through the experience, because the fears are unfounded.  You might as well focus on what you truly desire, because you use the same amount of energy to build up fears and to build your future.  The choice is yours.

Your thoughts are immensely powerful.  How about focusing your thoughts on what you want, rather than on what you are afraid of?

Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit is a well-known author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. What would you like to resolve?

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