Welcome to the Age of Aquarius


I am sure you are familiar with the line “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” from the musical Hair from the 60s.

Guess what?  We are right inside the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  But what does it mean? 

The constellations change to a new zodiac sign roughly every 2 150 years.  I am using the word “roughly” because time is a man-made concept that helps us cope with this dimension.  The stars and the stellar system follow their own waves, and they are not interested in the clocks and calendars that we use on earth.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius indicates that we have been coming out of the Age of Pisces, and we are now entering the new Age of Aquarius. 

The last time we had an Age of Aquarius was around 13 000 years ago, during Babylonian times.   Legend says that the Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.

Did this happen in March 2020?  Or before that?  Or even in the previous century?  Apparently, astrologers cannot give us a definitive answer - which does not surprise me, because the stars follow their own rules.  The planets don’t operate on earthly rhythms.  They wander around like drunken flies, but at the same time with a clear sense of destiny and direction.  If you want to see how the planets move, start studying crop circles and their beautiful patterns. 

I suspect we have made that shift from Pisces to Aquarius a while ago, and this is now clearly reflected in what is happening around is. 

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and contains elements of all the previous zodiac signs.  Pisces was the swan song of a previous era.  That means the Age of Aquarius is a new beginning, not only of a new zodiac sign, but of a new era of around 13 000 years.

We left the Age of Pisces with a deep sense of knowing and a focus on faith.  Over the past 2 000 years humanity did a lot of introspection and wanted answers about creativity, spirituality and intuition.  We were all taught about altruism and self-sacrifice - and we had to learn all these things, because in previous eras we did everything we could to destroy each other.

The Age of Aquarius is a completely new beginning, with a mantra of “I know”.  This is not the opposite of faith.  Instead, this is an age where we can prove what we have intuitively known for millennia. 

Of course, this comes with a lot of new knowledge and reform for humanity.

Can we blame a virus for this change?  Yes, the virus and the completely irrational response to the virus has rubbed our noses int o the fact that nothing will be the same again.

However, we are still looking for getting back to the status quo, when in fact there has been a new status quo for many years - and it has got nothing to do with shopping and exercising. 

Do you remember how the Law of Attraction has swept the spiritual world a few years ago?  And there were the books on Conversations with God  and A Course in Miracles and Gary Renard’s amazing book The Disappearance of the Universe?

All of those books, and many others, clearly indicated that the old rules no longer work.  These works give us guidelines on navigating a new world.  If you have those books, do yourself a favour and read them again.

But the wave of change did not stop there. 


If you are familiar with crop circles, you will know how these crop circle patterns have told a story over the last two decades that have become more complex and more fascinating every year.  And if you thought that crop circles only occur in European countries, think again.  There have been crop circles in parts of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa for many years, and they also appear in various European countries and even in the United States.

Over the past century there have also been quantum leaps (pun intended) in quantum physics which explain and confirm many aspects of spirituality as not just intuitive, but facts that can be proven.

The Age of Aquarius is about challenging conventions.

For me, this is not about lawlessness - on the contrary.  The whole movement of Aquarius is about inspiring change towards in the world, starting with yourself, towards inclusiveness and acceptance. 

We still have a long way to go.  The current situation is bringing to the foreground all sorts of petty limitations that need to disappear.  For example, a person complains about the enforced house arrest which is resulting in people going hungry - which in my view is a crime against humanity.  It so happens that the complainant has a skin colour that is identifiable from their name.  The immediate response is “yes, but you voted for the ruling party - see what you got now” when the response should be “how can I extend my hand to you and either give you food or arrange for you to get food - even when it means non-violent civil disobedience?”.

When this state of house arrest (also known as lockdown) started, a complaint that was voiced on numerous occasions was “I expected by domestic helper/nanny/gardener to move into the garage for the time being so that they can continue providing comfort for me and my family.  They turned down my very generous offer and are now staying with their families while I have to clean up after myself.  Some people’s actions make no sense to me.”  If you just spit out your coffee while reading this, I would love to know why.

These are simple examples but based on that I want to ask you a question.  What are you doing right now to make this world a better place for everyone, regardless of their race, creed, gender, or belief system?  Are you at the forefront of the change or are you still looking for someone to blame for the changes that are resulting in a brave new world?

The Age of Aquarius will teach us to look out for each other.  The coming times are humanitarian and definitely not destructive.  We will be required to be rational and objective, while using our hearts.  We will be expected to reach across all borders - not just social borders, but country borders and in fact any border that divides us from our neighbours - because “love your neighbour” is now even more imperative than it has been in any previous Age.

Each one of us will from now on be required to take responsibility for ourselves as well as for those around us.  This is not negotiable.

The flip side of this coin is that if you had any intention to look for the nearest person to take responsibility for you (like Jesus was supposed to do before he disappeared), that is not the solution.  It is time for you to take responsibility for yourself in the first place, and then for those around you.  It is not time for you to find another saviour while you shirk your responsibility.  It is time to get up and go.  You can, and you must.

Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit is a well-known author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. What would you like to resolve?

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