Looking Back Gives You a Stiff Neck

I reecently did a psychic reading for a client about his business.

As usual, I did not ask questions, but told him that he needs to look for new opportunities and not force open a door that was closed.

This may sound like general advice, but for this client it was quite pertinent because he had just lost a large business contract after a decade of a good relationship.

He was very concerned about the loss and wanted to know what he could do to get the contract back. I repeated the psychic message but he chose to not hear anything I said.

Of course it is his business, and people choose to do with my psychic messages what they want. We always have free will.

However, the conversation reminded me how we sometimes do things that we know are futile, because we just do not want to stop looking back. While we look back, we don't see the massive opportunities that open up for us right under our noses.

We live our lives in cycles. Quite often when a cycle ends, we hold on and refuse to let go and move on. However, the best way to get new and fresh energy is to let go and make space for what is coming in.

Then something nasty happens because the tie to the past needs to be severed so that we can move on. Instead of accepting that the door has closed and that another door has opened, we keep holding on to something or someone even when it becomes hurtful.

Instead of holding on to what has served its purpose, why not rather let go and accept? Why not look forward to the new cycle which is always bigger and better and more rewarding?


Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit is a well-known author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. What would you like to resolve?

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