What does a chiropractor do?  How does your spine map your nervous system?  How can a chiropractic adjustment bring relief, and what can be treated by such adjustments?

Nick Wevill, a chiropractor at Durham House in Hampshire, UK explains the details.  He volunteered in the Physiotherapy department at a school for physically handicapped children, and for a short period in a stroke rehabilitation unit.  He completed his training at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, and worked for eight years in Southampton before joining the team at Durham House. 

Nick is married with two children and enjoys weekend bike rides as well as walks in the countryside.

Tune in to The Elsabe Smit Show on Sunday 23rd July live at 4 pm GMT to get an insight in how a chiropractic adjustment can bring massive relief.

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The show covers a range of topics related to the creation process, from becoming aware of your destiny, through shaping your thoughts and actions, to learning the wisdom from your experiences and practising forgiveness.

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