Flowers bring us so much more than just their magical beauty and intoxicating scent. Hidden within the unique design of every flower is a sacred and secret language along with ancient healing wisdom that the world is now waking up to. Ancient cultures understood and revered the power of flowers. In the face of modern science, many of the ancient ways with flowers have been side lined and labelled as fantasy.

Shelley Sishton has researched and worked with the wisdom of flowers for 25 years, mainly in the form of flower essences. She has also set up her own flower farm growing the wisdom of British flowers from seed. Shelley will talk about the history of flower wisdom, the hidden geometry of flowers, and introduce the library of healing wisdom stored in flowers - and all of nature. She will also explain what an essence is, and how this ancient form of soul medicine – rediscovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920’s – is now becoming more widely understood as a powerful and appropriate medicine for our world today.


Published in Spiritual Development

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