Karma and inherited obstacles

Uncategorized May 16, 2021

I am aware that a big part of internet and social media marketing tends to involve living your life in the public eye.  I do not enjoy that - probably because most of my experiences (good as well as challenging) involve interactions with people, and I prefer to keep the interactions private and where possible make the wisdom I gain public.

I also like to look after my health, and when I do have a very rare instance where my health needs attention, you will also not read about that on the internet (unlike many people I know who will list every minor ache or pain on social media (and describe bigger aches and pains in astonishing detail, as if they are in the running for badges for tolerating pain and suffering).

Over recent months I have had a health experience that was a real eye-opener for me, and I am happy to share this here.

I am at an age where 99% of people of a similar age have only one focus, namely retirement.  For me, there is no more abhorrent word or experience...

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I lift my eyes to the mountains …Part II

Is there a solution?  Yes, there is.  You are the solution.

How can I say that when your entire support structure has been taken away from you? 

Look at it this way:  you are still standing - even if it is only just.  All the people who provided your moral compass and told you what is right and wrong have turned out to have feet of clay.

The one constant that is still there, and who ensure that the good guys won this spiritual war, is God.  And no, despite everything that is happening outside of you, God has not forsaken you.  On the contrary.

Does this now mean that you can sit back and wait for God to take over and let you know what to do and believe next? Yes and no.  Yes, God will make clear to you what you need to do.  No, it is not as simple as listening to a preacher or other figure of authority or switching on the TV - look where all that has got you.  It is not a pretty sight.

Most people on this planet have been living all...

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I lift my eyes to the mountains …Part I

I always liked to remind people that every day is the end of the world as we know it, and therefore we do not need to fear the end of the world.

This is now even truer than over the past decades of living in a rapidly changing world.  The world has stood on its head since the beginning of 2020, and only now, a year later, do we see that the world is getting back on its feet - but everything is different.

A deeply spiritual World War III has been fought right under our noses and around us, and I never thought I would live to say that the good guys have won.

Let me make this clear: when I say the good guys have won, it does not mean that anything is going back to what we have known as normal. 

Consider the figures of authority that you have known all your life, and where they stand.

Maritime law is being pushed aside in favor of common law.  The impact of this change on our lives is phenomenal, and we have not even seen the beginning of it yet.  This means that...

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How to change Part 3: Learn to care for Utopia and your spirit


In the previous two articles we looked at some aspects of the changes that are happening around us. 

Here is another question:  who is responsible for your environment?  I am not talking about grandiose international schemes where one scientist warns about global warming and another scientist swears that global warming is a hoax.  I am talking about the streets in your neighborhood, and the potholes in roads between rural towns, and the rivers that have become dumping grounds for all sorts of things that pollute the water.

There is a wonderful grassroots movement in South Africa called Move One Million.  One of their many focus areas is on filling one million trash bags with trash.  As simple as that.  They identify areas where there is no organised refuse removal service (or even worse, where there should be an organised refuse removal service, but the people who are paid for doing this have stolen the funds and are doing nothing) and they...

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How to change Part 2: Learn to cope with living in Utopia


As I indicated in part 1 of this article, I had heard the astounding argument from a colleague about me “being resistant to change”. 

Are you aware of GESARA?  If not, ignore the mainstream media and do your research.  I will give you just three indications of how GESARA will change our lives in the not-too-distant future - no matter which country you live in.

Any bank loan you have will be forgiven overnight - you will no longer owe the bank anything.  You will no longer need to pay income tax.  You will only need to pay sales tax on new and non-essential items.  Over a period of time, you will be refunded all the income tax that you have paid over your lifetime.  And lastly, you will receive an amount of money that will be enough to cover your living expenses.  There are many more changes that will come with GESARA, but these should be enough to get your attention.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

It does.  Nobody...

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How to change Part 1: Rely on figures of authority at your peril


It is now a year after this global circus has kicked off.  Many people still believe and are waiting to “get back to normal”, while many other people by now understand that the world will never be the same again. 

There is a lot of insecurity about how the future will look and what we can expect and not expect.

Our children have missed a year of schooling now (yes, there was some attempt at online schooling which neither the children nor the teachers were ready for), and we now have an entire generation who will forever carry a fear of germs in their psyche. 

Yes, I am referring to germs (plural) because the so-called virus is a germ that was manufactured in a laboratory and patented before being distributed, and everyone is encouraged to scrub themselves with chemicals so that they don’t even ingest healthy germs to ensure that their immune system is maintained.

A well-meaning colleague asked me the other day when I was going to go and get my...

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What is spiritual leadership?

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021


We live in a time where leadership is critical.  We all know by now that political leadership got us where we are, and as a result everything around us are breaking or being derailed.  Sadly, religious leadership has been absent since the beginning of this massive change for humanity.  Economic leadership seems to have taken a backseat in many countries.  Moral leadership is a possible way out of this quagmire, but whose morals do we accept?  We know what we do not want, but that does not mean we know what we do want.

Over the last few decades, I have learnt that Spirit has the answer to everything - from highly spiritual questions to very practical matters.  The only answer I have not managed to get yet is why I do not have green fingers like my dad had - but then that is probably because I am not seriously looking for an answer to that one.

I have over the past year been exposed to what I initially regarded as spiritual leadership.  I have...

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Finding Gratitude in Every Day

gratitude hugging hugs Feb 05, 2021

Have you expressed your gratitude today?  Should you?

The more I experience of life, the more I understand that gratitude causes good health on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, you name it.

What is gratitude?  I will give you my definition.  Gratitude is a state where you are able to see both sides, and to then allow your heart to open like a lotus flower with joy and appreciation.  Deep gratitude allows you to see a glimpse of eternity, and in that moment a quantum of light is formed, and you understand the meaning of unconditional love.

That is a mouthful. 

I will give you some practical examples.

I was born in a country where white males enjoyed the benefit of a white dictatorship for decades.  That then changed and the pendulum swung to the other side, where white males are a minority who are required to work for everything they want.  They can no longer rely on their white skins to get to the front of the...

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Creating gratitude

Is it possible to create gratitude rather than just feel it momentarily?  Yes, it is. Let me explain.

The Universe is in complete balance - from the largest global pandemic to the smallest sub-atomic particle. That is how everything was created.  We tend to forget about this incredibly beautiful balance when we get stuck in emotions.

There is a difference between emotions and feelings.  Did you know there are over 3000 words in the English language that describe emotions?  Emotions are energy in motion, and they get us into trouble all the time because when we have emotions, we have knee-jerk reactions. 

Try this.  Express anger as you read this.  It doesn’t matter what you are angry at.  Just express anger.  Notice how your body and your face instinctively know what to do.  You know exactly which of the muscles in your face to use, and how to use them, so that nobody will be in any doubt that you are angry.  See what...

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The passion of dust

This article documents a beautiful and crystal-clear dream I had.  It is all about dealing with your baggage and those emotional issues that you would rather avoid because they still hurt.

In the dream I entered a very old, deserted house - but then I discovered that parts of the house were neglected and dirty, whereas other parts were squeaky clean.  I realised this was my house, and I was in fact living in the house.  The house was huge and double storied. 

For some reason I was only using the downstairs rooms, and I really wanted to go to the first floor, but something prevented me.

Every time I approached the stairs, I turned away - because the stairs were so dusty that I did not want to use them.  I preferred to stay downstairs rather than clean those stairs.

It took me a while to realise why those stairs were so dusty.  Whenever I wanted to step on the stairs, I hesitated, because I knew that I would stir up the dust, and that would have meant me...

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